February 17, 2012

Working with the Sweet Paulina

Photography is a hobby of mine that gives me relaxation. When Paulina confirmed that she wants to have an updated folio, I happily obliged. She is a friend of my make up artist and that's how we got to work with each other. Photographing women takes a long time since you need to do the hair and the make up. It takes about 1 hour and a half.

After the long wait, Paulina transformed into this very tall gorgeous lady. She has done several print and modeling work already. She has done the Philippine fashion week several times too.

Working with a seasoned female model is a breeze. She already knows how to pose and all you have to do is just click, click and click away.

We did about 5 layouts. It was fun, really fun. 

She is off to China to pursue her modeling career. I'm wishing all the best for her.  

What is Negative Space as explained by IMag Photography Magazine

Photography is always a continuing education. You really have to enjoy what your doing. For me, I buy all the photography related magazines. I found these two publications useful, the local Digital Photography edition and this Imag Photography magazine.

In this issue of Imag photography magazine, it tackles the subject of negative space. Actually I don't know what this means. Negative space is the area that fills up the rest of the frame, usually a solid background color. The article helps you achieve on using negative space on your photographs.

Although I studied under 2 photography teachers, nothing can really beat if you go out and shoot. It's just like driving or cooking, if you don't do it everyday, then you will never learn. 

Jake Cuenca in Modelos Magazine

I'm a lover of magazines. I usually buy new publications since I like to support it. They need sales so they can still produce more issues. It's just a little way of helping the publishing industry. Aside from that, I still like viewing pictures on paper rather than on a computer.

It's my first time to buy this magazine. I bought this magazine because of the following reasons :

1. It's also my wish to have this kind of magazine but as you all know, magazines are really expensive. For now, I'm still saving up to produce this kind of endeavor.  

2. The cover is Jake Cuenca and the lighting of Jake Cuenca is the same as my style. These are the kind of pictures that I like. I'm not into plain all white pictures. I want some shadows and colors. It makes the picture pop out.

3. It's affordable. Only 125 pesos.

The magazine features aspiring models. The write ups are also good. The magazine also features a small biography of Doc Marlon. It's nice to read more of the photographer rather than on the model which is usually the case.

Modelos Magazine is still available at National Bookstore. I bought it at National Bookstore, Quezon Avenue.

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