February 15, 2012

FABE : Mark

Mark for Vic Fabe Photography

Hot Pictures of Liu Wen

As a photographer, you can only get great photos if you have a great model. It is a team effort. Everyone should be in sync. From the stylist to the make up and hair.

Strong and beautiful pictures of Asian supermodel Liu Wen. She has graced the covers of different Vogue editions. 

Four Ways to Become a Youtube Superstar

I'm a follower and a fan of Kevjumba. I like him because he is witty. I first saw Jeremy Lin on his youtube videos before. I thought he was just one of the basketball players in their town. Then suddenly he became famous, very, very famous.

Harvard Hottie : Jeremy Lin

Basketball players are not know for their academics. Jeremy Lin stands out since he graduated from Harvard. Amazing

BigBang Nice Photo Peg

Styling of the band Bigbang is fierce. I really need a stylist with me during my photoshoots.


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