February 2, 2012

A Busy February 1

These best friends opened my February shoot. I had a very busy February 1 because of a family affair but the manager of these two guys requested me to have their portfolio. Our schedule is about 9pm. I was hoping that they would cancel but they did not. 

I have high hopes for these two teeners. They know how to project and both of them are buff.

I also had their measurements done. I will make some suits for these two. I'm currently studying on how to make suits. First step to get the right measurements. 


Disappointing and a Rip off - Red Ribbon Barbie Cake for 2,600 pesos

I ordered this Red Ribbon cake expecting that the cake will be big. Unfortunately, it looks big on the picture. The chocolate cake inside taste like it's been baked days ago. The icing is not sweet. Then I thought that the green platform where the Barbie stand up is standing is icing, but it's a cardboard. It took almost 80 percent of the whole cake, which means that once you take it off, you will only see the bare cake without the icing.


I'm really disappointed again. Last year, I ordered from Goldilocks and it's the same. However, the years before, the Goldilocks birthday cakes were delicious. Moist with mini chocolates on the inside. But when the sugar prices went up, and so does the quality of the cakes.

Right now, I'm on a search of another better birthday cake maker.  



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