January 26, 2012

Sean Fowler

Mark Onir for FABE Accessories

I really like working with Mark. He can always deliver what you want and fast. You can do a lot of layouts with him in a short time.

Male Model Audrey

Vic Fabe Photography

Home of Aspiring Models


Photos by Vic Fabe

Hair and Make up by Kenneth Ada


Just pm me if you want to join my photoshoots.


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I have a new studio, it's at 


Ground Floor, ESNA Building

30 Timog Avenue..Just Beside Mcdonalds.

It's near Music 21

It's beside PNB Timog Branch.


Model Folio Services


More PHOTOS of the model here :



Vic Fabe Photography 

Audrey Set 1

Click HERE if you want to join my photoshoots.

Vic Fabe Photography

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What is my photography style?

I always want my pictures to look real. I apply very minimal editing. Most of my clients are aspiring models. I want their pictures to look the real them. You have to specially if you are going to meet your client at a go see. Modeling is a lucrative part time job for students. If you have a clear face, a good built and personality, I highly suggest on trying it out. Email me at fabevic@yahoo.com if you are interested.


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