December 27, 2012

Doing an editorial shoot for FABE Magazine

Klang, only 14 years old.

Ken, doing the make up of Klang. I need to make repairs of the my studio. Or I just need a bigger space already.

With Direk and Ate Maritess. A little bonding time after lunch.

Klang has a potential for a model. She's very tall and has nice long legs.

Klang being prepared by Jane, my stylist for the photoshoot.

With Alec, he loves photoshoots.

With Miehl, the assistant of Jane. With Aaron, a friend of Jane.

My studio needs some interior design. Eventually, if I get good sales this January, I'll have some photo frames lining my big white walls.

Direk Archie in his Naomi Campbell pose.

Chelsea is the other girl for the shoot. Still a teenager.


Klang with her Tita and Chelsea's mom.

Ken and Direk Archie.

Ken and Direk Archie while Culver Padilla looks on..ha ha ..ikaw na Ken.

My stylist Jane and model Aaron.

Male models preparing for the shoot.

Miehl and Archie.

Now let's begin with the shoot.

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