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December 28, 2012

Do you still receive Christmas Cards?

Christmas cards are considered pre-historic nowadays. I remember years before where I receive a lot of Christmas cards from clients and friends. Usually their family pictures embedded on a beautiful paper. 

I usually await the Christmas card of a special friend of mine Mean Estuita. We were college classmates at UST and she always send me a Christmas card yearly for almost 10 years. She works at Oxford as a nurse and even before she left for that job, I was in constant communication with her.

I'm just lucky to have a beautiful set of friends. Something that I'm quite proud to have.

It's just sad that I have the lousiest organizational skills that some of the previous Christmas cards, I cannot locate anymore. I'm sure it's just there on my bodega room that is increasing it's size as the day's go by. 

I had my daughter Laura, had a commemorative photo of her Christmas card so I just have documentation. Documentation is really important. Life passes by so quickly and you will never know it, you're already a grandparent.:-)

Merry Christmas Mean, wishing you a warm and happy Christmas at Oxford.

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