December 31, 2012

Last sunset if 2012

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Goodbye 2012

Vic Fabe Photography

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Shirtless and Sexy Photos of Enrique

Shirtless photos of Enrique.

Model portfolio services in 30 Timog Avenue, Quezon City

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Model Setcard Photos from Olliver

Model setcard services by Vic Fabe Photography. 

Model : Olliver

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Model Setcard Portfolio Service in Quezon City

If you need a model portfolio from me, my fee is only 1,500 pesos and you get to get a CD copy of your photoshoot immediately after the shoot. Amazing isn't it.

Just text me at 0916.654.5707

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Men's Swimwear Editorial Peg

Men's editorial peg for swimwear or brief campaign.

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Multi Colored Peg for Men's Accessories

Hair and Accessories Peg for photoshoots.

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Men's Accessories Shoot for Summer Edition

Pegs for the accessories shoot for FABE Magazine. Jane has made the pull outs already. Love the styling of the accessories here.

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Peg for the Lakeside Men's Swimwear Shoot

My pegs for the upcoming swimwear shoot this January 6, 2013 for the FABE magazine Summer Issue.

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December 30, 2012

Pepper Lunch 2 Days in a row #pepperlunch #smmegamall

Ate at Pepper Lunch, 2 days in a row. We first ate at the Rockwell and the second time, today at SM Megamall. I particularly like this restaurant but my kids don't. It's just fortunate that they like playing the Master Chef game that they pretend to cook the food. If they are not in the mood for that, then I have to find Jollibee. Otherwise, I just go here by myself.

I did not know that they have a promotion where you get their planner for an accumulated purchase of 3,000 pesos. Just one more dine in then I can actually get their planner already. Hopefully, tomorrow.

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Bench Christmas Bag 2012

Bench is already 25 years old. I'm so so old already. I just won't reveal it here.

Clue - I hardly can afford to  buy this brand before.

Second Clue - I browse their first store at SM North every day before going home. Just the mere touch of it, means I'm happy already. :-)

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A Yellow Cab Pizza Fan #restaurants #manila

Four seasons, my favorite pizza from Yellowcab.

Four seasons because of the four flavors on it.

My baby boy Dylan waiting for our order.

Chicken alfredo pasta. I usually order only two viands whenever I pass by Yellowcab. My 2 favorite dishes.

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Mochi Sweets, A Discovery

I haven't been back at SM Megamall for the last 6 months and it's quite a joy just going around Building A. I rarely go to the other building since too much walking makes my feet painful. :-)

There are major brands that are open in the 2nd floor area, the Cotton On and the FX brand. The Forever 21 brand is also very strong. A lot of people buy from there. Unfortunately, small clothing stores - small meaning small selling space are not that lucky. A few people drop in to see their clothes. Business is strictly competitive indeed.

I just went out of Oxygen and was proceeding to the Cotton On store when I noticed a mochi look alike picture. This mochi look alike picture is indeed a mochi. I love mochi. The brand is Mochi Sweets, Japanese Luxury Sweets. 

A luxury sweet, a nice brand positioning.

Their shopping bag.

Their box is classy. Very nice product presentation.

They have an instruction on how to eat the mochi in the inside flip cover.

They have the fork sticks and they label each mochi. Such a grandiose presentation.

And voila, here is what I ordered. 

2 pcs of red bean

1 pc of Black Sesame

1 pc of Blueberry Creme

2 pcs of Dark Chocolate - quite hesitant but it taste good

This box of six is 350 pesos. Only an avid and a fan of mochi is willing to pay this much.

One is only 70 pesos. 

My favorite is the Red Bean Mochi. 

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