March 1, 2012

Underwear Photo Shoot : Matthew

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Underwear Photo Shoot for FABE underwear. Matthew is British and he will be staying here in Manila for a year.

If you're interested to book him for your projects. You can reach him at  0917.398.7791

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I'm looking for a shoe sponsor. I will use your shoes on all my photo shoots. I will place your brand name on my pictures. Please send me an email at

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Vic Fabe Photography

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What is my photography style?

I  want my pictures to look real. I'm a model folio maker. My pictures are used by models in their setcards.

Having this in mind, I only apply minimal editing. Your picture should look exactly the same as you. This is very helpful in actual go sees and casting. As a model, it is important to have clean, clear face.

Send me an email if you want to have a model setcard from me. My email is


   Are you an aspiring model or actor?


     Are you an aspiring model and want to enter the showbiz industry?

     What you need first is a model portfolio where you can submit your pictures to potential casting
     agents and modeling agencies. From these photos, you will attract potential agents from whom they
     will provide you with projects such as teleserye guestings, event promotions like what you see
     at Globe stores and other modeling projects.

     Have your model portfolio Today. Just text Vic at 0916.654.5707.

     Fee is only Php 2,500 and this includes :

     1. Hair and Make up by a Professional Hair and Make up Artist

     2. Studio Rental for about 2 hours. That is the normal duration of the whole shoot.

     What do you need to bring?

     1. Bring at least 3 to 4 sets of clothes, Any Theme. Or just bring your favorite clothes.

     2. Bring a USB. You will get all the photos right after the photoshoot.
         You can then upload your photos at your facebook account right away.

     What are you waiting for, Book your photoshoot TODAY.




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