February 29, 2012

Photoshoots in Manila Aaron



Aaron is also a singer. He will be part of the FABE Fashion Show this March.

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I'm looking for a shoe sponsor. I will use your shoes on all my photo shoots. I will place your brand name on my pictures. Please send me an email at fabevic@yahoo.com

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Vic Fabe Photography

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What is my photography style?

I  want my pictures to look real. I'm a model folio maker. My pictures are used by models in their setcards.

Having this in mind, I only apply minimal editing. Your picture should look exactly the same as you. This is very helpful in actual go sees and casting. As a model, it is important to have clean, clear face.

Send me an email if you want to have a model setcard from me. My email is fabevic@yahoo.com


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