December 14, 2011

Arnold Aninion will win the Survivor Philippines 2011

I watched Survivor the first time yesterday. It's way, way much better than Pinoy Big Brother. It's not scripted and it's not cheesy. The characters look good and they just act the way they are. Unlike in PBB, its corny and they do things scripted. They always follow "kuya" which really destroys the Big Brother theme which is to be spontaneous and some violence among the residents. 

The person I first noticed at the Survivor is Arnold Aninion. I thought he is a local and from Manila. However, after searching his name online, he is one of the members of the Philippine Volcanoes. He is from New Zealand but his parents are Filipinos. He has a very nice physique. The cameraman always know how to take titillating shots of him.

I have a strong feeling that he will win the Survivor Philippines 2011.

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