December 10, 2011

Shirtless TJ Trinidad

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TJ Trinidad is the main character of the movie The Road. He's a decorated police officer who was tasked to investigate the spate of random killings along a dirt road. Watch the movie, The Road today.


Derrick Monasterio in The Road

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I noticed this cute guy when I watched the movie, The Road. I'm not really a fan of GMA 7 so I do not know their stars. His name is Derrick Monasterio and his acting was good at The Road. His character is the boyfriend of one of the girls who were killed during the movie. Watch the movie, The Road.

Beautifully Directed The Road

Movie : The Road 
Directed by Yam Laranas

I was late for the movie that I was suppose to watch so I ended up watching The Road. I thought it was a foreign film because I just saw the extra that is being shown on the "extra tv's" at the Trinoma mall. 

When I entered the cinema, I was shocked that it was a Filipino film but I just stayed and watched it instead of walking out. 

It is a suspense story about the murders that happen along a private road. The casting is good. All the actors are from GMA-7. It's just unfortunate nowadays that major television networks only cast their own stars.

The young stars on the movie still needed more experience in acting. While the veteran actors like Carmina Villaroel are very capable actors.

The direction is very good but the story telling have things for improvement. As an audience, I want to know the "why's" in the movie. I expect the director to tell me why is that scene that way and why is the character that way. The story should also tie loose ends, who happens to have many in this movie. A great director always tell a story like Spielberg or Shaymalan. They always involve the audience and explain to them why is the scene that way.

In general, the movie is good but the script still need some explaining to do. Yam Laranas will be an awesome director someday. He will definitely have a great film if he will be given a great script.

Will I recommend you to watch the movie? Yes. You'll enjoy it specially if you are into horror flicks.

The Road : Actors

Carmina Villaroel
Rhian Ramos
Barbie Forteza
Marvin Agustin

TJ Trinidad
Ynna Assistio
Derrick Monasterio
Lexi Fernandez
Alden Richards
Louis Delos Reyes

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