December 6, 2011

Mike Posner at Trinoma this December 8

Mike Posner performing live at the Trinoma Mall this coming December 8, 2011. It would be nice to watch this concert.

Free Cinnabon by just answering a Survey



After going around Trinoma mall today, we were supposed to go home already but my daughter would like to pass by Cinnabon. She has a very strong sense of direction and she remembers places that she loves. It was about 8.30 pm already. It's a good thing that Cinnabon was not full of people. We just ordered 2 choco cinnabons and 2 bottled water.

It's a good thing that I read their receipt. It caught my attention to the free cinnabon by just answering their survey online at You need to fill up the form with 7 days of purchase. However, you get to claim your free minibon within 30 days from the original receipt date.

If you're a fan of cinnabon, please check out carefully their receipt. Don't just throw it away.

Have you eaten Cushe Slippers










Cushe Slipper Brand promotes their slippers like food. I usually pass by their store if you are coming from the Mindanao parking area. Cushe store is like the Crocs store. They sell only slippers. I usually wear rubber slippers when going to work. It's comfortable and you need to stand up for long hours if you are shooting. That's why it's important for me to have comfortable slippers.

I bought a color blue one and the fit is perfect. It's also soft so I won't wonder if the price is about 1,250 pesos.

I was able to wear it the other day. It's very comfortable.

Cushe Slippers is at the 3rd level of Trinoma Mall.

Beautiful Trinkets at Regalong Pambahay in SM Megamall





I was at SM Megamall yesterday. I learned that their new parking building is open already so I was confident of going there since I won't be waiting to park that long anymore. True enough, it was surreal. I just don't know why it took them years to think about building a multi-level parking building. Don't they know that the Shangrila mall beside them has a separate parking building.

I was the SM Megamall since I want to check out new dresses for my daughter. I love dressing her up so I was a bit excited to check out the children's boutiques. Another purpose of mine is also to look for probable gifts for her teachers at Miriam. I need to buy two since one for her younger sibling who is studying at Miriam too.

I chanced upon Regalong Pambahay. They have a branch too at Trinoma that I usually frequent but sometimes different branches carry different items. The store is a trinket lover's paradise. If you love knick knacks or just want to spend for an overpriced hair ribbon or an accessory, then this place is for you.

The presentation of the goods are amazing. Simple things are properly displayed as if they are expensive but they are not. They are handcrafted products and most of them have girly themes.

I was able to buy a teddy bear keychain from the store before and when I asked the salesgirl. She told me it's out of stock already. However, she suggested another teddy bear keychain. It's the only one left. I immediately fell in love with it and bought it right away. The price of the keychain is about 500 pesos.

The store also carries beautiful boxes for your children or just for decor. I bought a mini suitcase. It's about 1,000 pesos.

The product presentation is fantastic. Even their shopping bag is great. A brown bag with an orange nylon cord. It's looks very posh.

I'm still thinking of whether to give these stuff to my children's teachers or I'll just use it.

Manny Pangilinan wears TV sets cufflinks


Manny Pangilinan is the cover of Esquire Magazine. It's my first time to buy the local edition of Esquire Magazine. Manny Pangilinan is one of my heroes. I consider him as a hero because he supports school basketball programs. He helps the youth by sponsoring them. The athletes in general. Athletes are usually poor. Some have money but basically most of them come from regualr families and the only means of having a great education is by becoming an athlete. Your tuition is free. I hope he also supports other sports aside from basketball. I'm sure he has funded other programs that are not being mentioned in the media.

I found the cover story amusing. The mere mention of his cufflinks, shaped like small TV sets is hilarious. It made him real.

I was fortunate enough to ride with him before on the business class of Cathay Pacific. Even though I'm not that super rich, I always try to ride business class because you get to seat with the movers in the Philippines. Once, I was beside Margie Moran. I was so happy but so shy. I'm not sure if it is appropriate to ask for a picture. I just noticed that she has nice red framed eyeglasses. I bought one myself too.

I also had the pleasure of riding with George Ty. He was seated in front of the Cathay Pacific business class. He's very simple, very silent. But a lot of Chinese Filipinos goes up to him and to say hi. I'm not sure if they are just asking for loans. But for me the mere sight of them gives me inspiration to work hard and dream big.

I just had to learn how to overcome my shyness. The most ackward moment was when flying domestic, I was flying with John Gokongwei Jr. I was so shy to come up to him that when we arrived in Cebu I had a chance encounter with him at the restroom and I finally mustered to say "Hi Sir". He replied hi too and he asked me if I work for Robinsons. And I told him no. I should have chatted more but my nerves overcame me.

If would have been nice to ask advice from a person handling a conglomerate especially if you're an entreprenuer like me.

Anyway, reading the article about Manny Pangilinan in Esquire is a welcome delight. I hope he will be featured more on other magazines too.

Entrepreneur Philippines Top Business Trends Issue


This is the second magazine that I bought at Powerbooks today. I bought this because of the article on Golden ABC strategy on solidifying the hold on the local clothing market. Golden ABC is the mother company of Penshoppe. I grew up with Penshoppe. I was still studying at USC Boy's High School when I get to know Penshoppe. They were just selling tshirts then. Basic cotton shirts. That's it.

That's why this article made me buy the December edition of Entrepreneur Philippines 2011.

Che Che Lazaro on Christmases Past


I'm a magazine addict. I hoard magazines and sometimes I don't even get to read them. I'm very visual and what attracts me on buying a magazine is first the cover and then the stories.

I chanced upon this Town & Country magazine at the Powerbooks Store at Trinoma mall. I'm a fan of Ms. Lazaro ever since. She is a tough journalist and very good at asking delicate questions from her interviewee.

The photo is absolutely beautiful on the cover. Unlike the fashion magazines where the photo is totally edited. You will never believe that model is beautiful since it's pasted with too much photoshop.

The cover of Town & Country was elegant, simple and beautiful.

Che-Che Lazaro tell's her personal Christmas happenings during their family reunions. It's good to know that she has a side to it.

If you're interested on Che-Che Lazaro, Town & Country Magazine is still available for sale on any National Bookstore.





















Pieces N' Creations Accessories



Pieces N' Creations Accessories












Donneal Portfolio


Donneal in Nico Agustin



Donneal wearing beautiful creations by Nico Agustin.

Clark Mariano


Clark Mariano






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