September 30, 2011

Why do I like Photography

Photography is an expensive hobby.

A little gadget costs you a thousand pesos and you get to use it for a certain purpose only.

Why do I like photography?

Photography for me is a de-stress activity. I'm a very visual person and I love collecting beautiful picture books. I love shadows that's why most of my portfolio is dark or is using a dark background.

As a hobby, it taught me to be patient with people. I'm challenged at shooting with aspiring models since I always find joy and happiness on people who believes in something.

I too believed in something when I was younger. I was also fortunate enough to have people supported me eventhough they don't believe in me 100%. What's important is that you try and fail rather than having not tried at all.

Later today, I'll have 4 models scheduled. I haven't seen them yet since they will be brought by my stylist Iwa.

Another happy day again.

Wanted for my Upcoming Projects :

1. Singers / Band - I plan to stage a concert on November. If you're a band member or an aspiring singer. Please pm me on facebook.

2. 2012 FABE CALENDAR. I need 12 male and 12 female who wants to in the calendar. Please pm me on facebook too.

3. Office / Studio Assistant - your work will involve scheduling, looking for prospective clients/models and sponsors. Please pm me on facebook.
Photography services by Vic Fabe. If you're an aspiring model and would like to have a photoshoot with me, you can read more about it here. I'm more of a model folio maker. My clients are usually aspiring models who want to have their folios made. Updated pictures are always important in the field of modeling. Clients are always looking for updated pictures.

My male model folios are geared towards emphasizing the male body form. It's usually what the casters are looking for. Female model folios are geared toward fashion, catalogue and swimwear. I also organize regular fashion shows which is usually included in my folio package.

Vic Fabe

Stay Committed. Stay Passionate. Stay Focused

Westlife singing Rihanna

I watched Westlife today. They are back in Manila.

Araneta Coliseum is full with all the screaming ladies. I'm quite shocked that the audience is composed of young kids. Westlife is my generation and I grew up listening to their songs.

They can still sing and belt out their hits.

The best part of the concert was when they sang fast songs. They sang first Rihanna's Only Girl in the World.

It's so funny since they are after all a boyband.

They also sang Lady Gaga's song.

I really enjoyed a concert. A great way to unwind myself.

Tomorrow is another photoshoot day.


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