September 24, 2011


Joseph has a very charming personality that matches his looks.

Wanted for my Upcoming Projects :

1. Singers / Band - I plan to stage a concert on November. If you're a band member or an aspiring singer. Please pm me on facebook.

2. 2012 FABE CALENDAR. I need 12 male and 12 female who wants to in the calendar. Please pm me on facebook too.

3. Office / Studio Assistant - your work will involve scheduling, looking for prospective clients/models and sponsors. Please pm me on facebook.
Photography services by Vic Fabe. If you're an aspiring model and would like to have a photoshoot with me, you can read more about it here. I'm more of a model folio maker. My clients are usually aspiring models who want to have their folios made. Updated pictures are always important in the field of modeling. Clients are always looking for updated pictures.

My male model folios are geared towards emphasizing the male body form. It's usually what the casters are looking for. Female model folios are geared toward fashion, catalogue and swimwear. I also organize regular fashion shows which is usually included in my folio package.

Vic Fabe

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