August 17, 2011

I Love Reading Gossip Columns

I usually do the reading of online newspapers before I go to sleep which is about 5 in the morning. I know it is a very bad habit but still I do it. I don't know why.

The entertainment section is the first that I read and today it mentions a blind item stating that an enterprising celebrity sold his house due to a sour concert project. The artist was paid $1.5 million dollars.

He was excited to venture into concert producing and was so happy to seal the deal with Bruno Mars.

My take on this is that Marvin Agustin is really an entrepreneur. He's a risk taker. Eventually, he will be able to buy again his dream house. He has several restaurants that are doing well although I haven't tried eating in one of them yet.

My perception of his restaurant Sumosam is like a Jollibee that is overpriced. There's a branch in Trinoma but I usually end up in my favorite restaurant, David's Tea House.



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