August 8, 2011

Check your SSS Contributions

I found a very easy way to check my SSS Contributions.

I check it by Texting.

Here's the link and the instructions.

Barbra Streisand guests on Oprah

I'm watching Oprah now and her guest is Barbra Streisand. She sang the way we were. I'm not familiar with the title but when she sang's one of my favorite songs growing up. She made me cry. I now understood more the lyrics of the song.

Matteo Guidicelli Now Sells Houses

Matteo Guidicelli is tapped as the newest endorser of the SM brand of M Condominiums. SM said that these celebrities does not sell  condominiums but they do drive crowd to the the showrooms.

Philippines Crewing Capital of the World

Thirty percent of all the seafarers worldwide are Filipinos. Employers consider Filipinos as their preferred choice of employees. These overseas seafarers contribute $3.8 billion a year. Wow.

All I need is to look for business so I can get a pie of this money coming in. 3.8 billion dollars is 155 billion pesos. I have to build now my clothing line business.

Hotpot Again

Ate Hotpot again after my shoot with Ernest. Ernest is only 16 years old and I'm trying to groom him. He's perfect for my image model for my shirts.

A Hotpot menu cost 980 pesos for a group of 4.

Channing Tatum A Stripper turned Hollywood Star

A Beautiful Portrait of Channing Tatum. Didn't you know that he was a stripper before?

Just to Give You an Idea How Funny Eugene Domingo is

This is an earlier film made by Eugene Domingo. I really loved this film. I watched it 5 times. I even bought the DVD.

Watch Eugene on her upcoming film, Zombadings.

Mart Escudero kissing scene at Zombadings

Mart Escudero's kissing scene may have the winning appeal with the movie. He's going to be a star after this film will show in cinemas in September 2011.

I'm also excited to watch the movie because of Roderick Paulate and Eugene Domingo of the Babae sa Septic Tank.

More of his interiew about his kissing scene here.

Zombadings on August 19, 2011

I'll watch a premier night of Zombadings, Pataying sa Shokot is Remington. One of my favorite actors is there, Roderick Paulate, a true blue comedian.

Cinemalaya this year has many beautiful movies. Please do watch every one of them.

3 Bedroom at Alexandria

This 3 bedroom is perfect. It's 216 square meters.

It's located at Alexandria in Ortigas. It's a very old development but I think the location is just perfect.

Hotpot Dinners at David's Tea House

David's Tea House is located beside my building at Tomas Morato. I usually order regular food there but because of my latest Bangkok Food Tour, my appreciation for Hotpot food has grown. I begin to like it since I'm full without the feeling that I'm really full.

I also don't crave for rice if I eat hot food. I'll try to buy a hotpot so I can cook hotpot at home.

More P90 X Workouts

I'm amazed with these live testimonials that these workouts do really work.

You need this things to start with this workout regimen.

Home Workout Routines that are doable

These are my collection of workout videos. They are doable. I prefer doing my exercise at home. I'm a very shy person and I don't like going to the gym because it takes too much of my time. The parking and the traffic.

How to get the Best Abs Fast

I work with models from time to time and I get to notice the improvement on their bodies. One male model is a surprise. 2 months ago he has no abs but last week, his abs were showing even though he is not flexing. I asked what is his work out regimen since his body is much, much toned.

He told me to search P90x workout at youtube. He got it from there.

This is how he looks at. Watch the abs. AWESOME.

Pancit Luglug at Max Restaurant

It's a Sunday today and my family went to Divisoria to do some shopping. I like going to Tutuban Mall, its airconditioned and it has lots and lots of things to buy. Only if you have spare cash. I also went here to determine also the price points of the merchandise. I'm opening a new store at Robinson's Galleria and I'm doing my research on what are the median prices among the men's clothing.

Max Restaurant is located on the middle building of Tutuban. Here are what we ordered?

Pancit Luglug - my favorite 89 pesos each

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet - 220 pesos. The fish fillet is crispy. The sweet and sour sauce is also good but the serving is just minimal. You can make it as a sauce on your rice.

One whole regular chicken. It's about 320 pesos.

We ordered take out on their delicious Choco Crinkles cookies.

The Best Chocolate Crinkles in Metro Manila

Ate at Max Restaurant tonight for dinner at Tutuban Mall. We ordered these delicious Choco Crinkles for take out. We bought 3. One for my brother, myself and to my Mom.
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