July 25, 2011

Martin Lindstrom in CNBC

Watching Martin Lindstrom at CNBC. He's one of my favorite authors.

America is a 500 Billion Dollar Market

I'm watching CNBC tonight. Since I'm all alone in my hotel room, I opted to watch documentaries instead. I'm amazed that the supermarket industry in America is 500 Billion Dollars. Wal-Mart controls it.

They say you don't have to be smart. You should know who to copy.

Elite Boxing presents Muaythai Fights at River City Mall

It's our second day of our food tour and we were are going to participate on a dinner cruise. The send off point is at the River City Mall. Upon entering the mall, I was given flyers that there would be an MMA event happening the next day. Unfortunately, our schedule is really tight.

I'm happy that I read about the story behind these events. AMAZING.
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