July 10, 2011

Penshoppe is pushing it's limits with Mario Maurer

News are circulating online that Penshoppe is getting Mario Maurer to be their endorser. I'm a fan of Mario and a fan of Thai people in particular. I think they look similar to us and we share the same values. Just like us they have very strong family ties. It's only in Bangkok that you can see whole families including the grandma's and grandpa's on Sundays with the families. It's just like here in the Philippines.

Big clothing brands are waging war. Philippines is the 12th most populous nation. Clothing is a finite market.

One Wet Saturday

Saturday is the only day that I'm quite free to do client and TFCD shoots. I started around 1pm. My first male model is one of my regular models that works with me if I have new clothes to catalogue. As a basketball athlete of UST, he comes on time, so when he text me that he's on his way I was really in a hurry. Due to that cramming, I forgot to bring my other DSLR that I use for my behind the scenes. I even left my video camera at home.

He came on time. 1pm exactly. Good enough that I live very near my studio at Tomas Morato. No amount of floods and heavy traffic can hinder me from getting to my studio in 5 minutes. We had a great shoot. I catalogued my new clothes. We finished around 3: 30 and my 4pm schedule has arrived already. Had a quick lunch then I had my 2 client shoot and another TFCD shoot with one of my favorite women model, Allyssa. Our theme for today was beauty shots.

My two clients shoots are virgins. It's their first time to have professional photos taken and I'm usually up for the challenge. The first client was gorgeous. He's tall and has a very nice buffed body. He was so shy but his pictures were ok. Even my hairstylist, Iwa commented that he has sad eyes. I think he's just nervous since there were many people inside the studio. My studio is just perfect for a one on one shoot.

My second client shoot is a professional already. He has done several shoots with other photographers and he's very confident on himself and on his body. I was a bit tired around this time and I was happy that my assistant is dropping by so he took the shots for himself.

After finishing the 2 clients, I then proceeded with my beauty shots of Allyssa. She's only 14 years old and I want to achieve that she will look older, about 18. And we did. Very happy of Allyssa's pictures.

I thought it was a pack up day already but my friend Francis told me that he will be coming over to have his talents photographed for their folio. So I obliged. My day finished around 2am already. What's good about this day is that one of the models, Gypsy, treated us to a very delicious dinner at JJ's Inasal in Timog Avenue.

It was a great Saturday indeed.
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