June 30, 2011

Ned Plarizan Stephenson for BENCH

Ned Plarizan Stephenson for Bench underwear. Watch their behind the scenes.

The Philippine Rugby Team for BENCH

I'm proud that we have the Philippine Rugby Team. We need teams like this. Sports is the cheapest way to promote our country.

Patriz Ortiz Olivier for BENCH

It's high time to pass by Guadalupe, EDSA this week. There a signal no. 7 typhoon going on there. Patriz models for the infamous Bench underwear line.

Bottomline : SALES.

After Typhoon Falcon, there comes Aly Borromeo

We are used to typhoons but definitely not the typhoon effect that Bench have made. These Filipino athletes will definitely become overnight sensations.

They are hot, outrageously handsome and they are athletes.

Aly Borromeo of the Philippine Azkals endorses Bench.

Outrageous Philippine Volcanoes Bench Billboards

Bench's marketing department is one of the best in the industry. They know how to tap potential endorsers for their underwear line. Underwear is the most profitable segment in the clothing industry. Look at Calvin Klein.

Bench tapped the Philippine Azkals first then now the Philippine Volcanoes. I like the name volcanoes...its like to explode....WELL IT EXPLODED already...These rugby players can be our own version of the super famous French Rugby Team Dieux de Stade

An Editorial Model : Mark

Mark is very cute in person. He's very charming too. What I noticed about him is his lean frame, I suspected there are abs behind his white shirt. True enough, there was...all 8 of them.

I'll tap him to model my swimwear that will come out in 2 weeks time.

Hotelier Mark Edward

Mark Edward is an actor. He has done several teleseryes. He's a budding actor. I'm a firm believer of constant work. If you do your passion on a daily basis, soon enough you will achieve your dreams.

A lot of young kids nowadays want to be actors and actresses. There is nothing bad about it. I think they want fame and the money that goes with it. Money is great but the more money you make, the harder it gets. You have to loose something like your privacy.

Mark is so easy to work with. He can display a series of emotion. I think this is due to the fact that he can act. He also love being photographed, as all models and actors are.

Three Interesting Male Models

I was supposed to have a rest day today but my friend Francis is pushing me to do the folio of his three new male discoveries. Francis is a budding talent agent and he is very aggressive in promoting wards. I'm truly impressed with people who have the burning desire to achieve their goals.

All three were different but they have the potential.

Justin Tan is only 18 years old. He's the most unassuming of the three but when I started photographing him. He's the most photogenic for me.

I'll feature the two other models in the succeeding posts.

Sizzling Aly Borromeo

Football is becoming popular nowadays. I'm happy that we are venturing into other sports like football and rugby where there is a possibility that we can become world champions. Basketball is not really a sport for us if we intend to be champions worldwide.

Good looks do sell. Just like the photo of Aly Borromeo.
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