June 8, 2011

Desire to Improve Myself

I always think of how to improve my skills not only in photography but in other skills as well.

I bought 3 books today at the Bestsellers Bookstore at Robinson's Galleria. Bestsellers Bookstore is actually a National Bookstore but they are more focused on books. I will allot one day a month to visit that store and buy as many books as I want. This afternoon, I bought 3 books for myself and a about 7 children books for my kids.

Inspirations by Preston Bailey. Preston Bailey is a very artistic wedding events coordinator. He's an Oprah's favorite. What stuck me most about Preston Bailey is when he was asked where he go his eye for good design and fine taste.

His response is :

“You’ll be surprised,” he said. “It’s not really an eye. One just has to be a good student. Just to pay close attention (to everything around you).”

Read more about Preston Baileys visit to Manila here.

This is actually me. I learned things through reading, watching and learning from others. I'm embarking on a new learning skills which is designing clothes. I'm afraid but it's better to go forth with it.

1,645 pesos

The second book is Basic Pattern Making by Page One Publishing. I plan to study pattern making. I want to establish a business that I can pass on to my kids when they grow up. Just like the major chain store, BENCH. When I was still in high school, BENCH opened their first store at the newly opened SM City North Edsa. It is my dream and I WANT IT.

Php 785.00

I plan to do one clothing per week project. I'm still looking for a seamstress to do the sewing.

Third book is related to my hobby, photography. I upgraded my camera to a Canon 60D and I accidentally found this book on how to operate my camera. It's by Nicole S. Young. Canon EOS60D from snapshots to great shots.

Php 1,099.00

This is how the Canon 60D looks like. I bought my camera at Fortress Hong Kong for about 7,000 plus Hong Kong dollars. I can't really remember the price since I buy out of convenience and not necessarily if I can get it cheaper.

Printing Prices in Quiapo

12 x 18 = 130

16 x 20 = 280

20 x 24 = 450

11 x 14 = 75

20 x 30 = 580

24 x 40 = 930

24 x 36 = 850

Here are the printing prices if you want your pictures to be printed in Quiapo.
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