May 16, 2011

Delicious Pork Tocino at Vista Mar Resort and Country Club



Vista Mar Resort and Country Club is a deserted place. We were only 7 guests for this humongous place. The place is really big and no one is around.

I was thinking that there would be a breakfast buffet but when we went to the restaurant, we were the only ones there. The waiter offered us 3 options for breakfast. There was longganisa and tapa but we ate that too much at Plantation Bay. I ordered the 3rd option that is Pork Tocino.

I don't have any expectations because the place is a ghost town. While we were at the restaurant, there was the janitor applying floor wax. I think the place was so boring that he does not mind if there are guests at the restaurant.

Summer Hotness : Rongie Cahoy



Name : Rongie Cahoy, 21 years old.

Who is Rongie Cahoy :
I'm Rongie Cahoy,alo known as Rongie Wood,I am a local model here in Cagayan de Oro,Misamis Oriental.They say that i"m still young,and not just young but a young hot cutie.

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Summer Hotness : Karen Estrada



Name : karen estrada, 21 years old.

Who is karen estrada :
i will let the viewers to describe me. ."what you see is what you get". And i know i can do more :) please like my entry.:) thank you sooo much.

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Dated Vista Mar Beach Resort and Country Club



Dated Vista Mar Resort

Vista Mar Resort is located beside Shangri-la Mactan. They don’t have directions going to their resort so we asked around. What’s good with Cebu is that people are helpful. They have the desire to help you. We got lost and went to Portofino resort instead. The guard there was helpful enough to direct us towards the right direction.

When we arrived at the gate of Vista Mar, it looks like a subdivision with no houses. There is a house near the main gate and there is a big house that is nearly finished on a few blocks from the gate. The resort is located right beside the beach. It looks like it is the club of the subdivision but there are no houses on the subdivision. There is a the new Sotogrande Hotel which is right beside Vista Mar.

I booked 2 one bedroom villa for only 2,900 pesos overnight. My total bill is about 8,000 pesos.

When we arrived, there were no bellboys to help us. I went to the reception area and they told me that they requested for a waiter to help us with our bags. The waiter’s name is Orvelle and he was so helpful in bringing our bags to our room. We have 8 bags. I gave him a 200 pesos tip.

The room is circa 1980’s. The interior is quite old. It reminds you of movies by Vilma Santos and Nora Aunor. The beds are comfortable. The aircondition is window type. What’s nice about the room is the French windows. I so love it. They have a view of the sea.

They have the coffee facility but they don’t have internet on the rooms. They do have internet on the lobby which is full of mosquitoes. Wear a pajama and long sleeves. It’s not that hot anyway.

The cable television is good. It’s a functioning room. The pool is just outside our room. It has 2 pools. One lap/ infinity pool which is in front of the main restaurant. The other one is located on the villas which is for adults and for kids. The pool is quite dirty. They don’t clean it regularly I think.

I still enjoyed my stay. The room is comfortable with so beautiful French windows. The view is fantastic. It does not have a beach. The sea serves more like a view only.

Will I come back to this hotel?

No. The pool is dirty. When you dive, you cannot see the person in front of you. It’s kinda murky. The place is also empty considering the hotels beside it, the Shangri-la Mactan, BE Resorts and ABACA Resort are fully booked. That’s the main reason why we stayed here overnight since our hotel BE Resort cannot accommodate us for one more night since its fully sold out.

My Last Day at BE Resorts Mactan



My Last Day at BE Resort

BE Resort is the cheapest resort that you can stay at Marigondon, Cebu. I was able to get it at 2,600 pesos a night at

It has 3 pools. 2 are for children and the other one is a lap/infinity pool that is about 5 feet deep. It’s perfect for doing laps and just to laze around and watch the sea from it. Generally, I liked it but it Plantation Bay is much, much better. But if you’re on a budget then BE Resort is a good place to stay.

What’s missing at BE Resort? It lacks trees. It’s almost cemented all around that’s why it is so hot during the day. It would have been better if they have placed trees all around but I think they purposely did a Miami type of architecture to depict a boutique type of feel. The interiors are marvelous. Service was good.

The restaurant is poor but I think the main reason is that it is a concessionaire. The hotel outsources its food to a 3rd party. I feel that if you are in the hotel business, it’s very important that you also run the restaurant. No wonder, the restaurant is always empty when the hotel is fully booked. The hotel guests eat out. Although, the hotel is very far from the city, there is a jeepney that goes directly to MEPZA which is at the center of Mactan Island. There is a Marina Mall where you can find all the restaurants, they even have Starbucks.

The room is good. But it lacks a water heater and a coffee and tea facility. It’s a good thing that it is our habit to bring the water heater. This is important if you are traveling with babies.

The room also has an adjoining door that makes it a problem if your neighboring room is noisy. It happened one night where the next door room was so noisy since they were drinking. It’s a good thing that I am a deep sleeper so I don’t really care if the surroundings are noisy. The walls are quite thin since you can hear the conversation of people on the hallways and doors closing. This is not good for light sleepers. If you stay for a night, it’s ok but for longer periods, I recommend that you go to other hotels instead such as Vista Mar.

They also don’t have wifi in the rooms. I would have like to have one inside my room even if I pay for it. In this world of facebook, any hotel owner would seriously consider having internet inside their rooms.

The hotel is good for the pools, service was good, room service was also good. It’s just the mediocre restaurant and the sounds that you can hear inside your room from outside which make you think twice.

I booked 2 rooms for 3 nights and 4 days. My total bill is about 20,000 pesos.

I also ate at their restaurants. Restaurant is quite expensive. One rice is about 90 pesos, just to give you an idea. My total bill for the food amounted to almost 8,000 pesos. So the total bill for my 4 day stay is 28,000 pesos.

Quirkiness of BE



BE Resorts offers different styles for each floor level. It still carries the same theme which is design with twists. You see how our floor looks like.

I am in Miami



Feel so Miami to me.

Summer Hotness : Adi



Name : Adi, 27 years old.

Who is Adi :
Hi guys my name is Adi. I'm a wedding planner and stay in Bali

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