May 11, 2011

Summer Hotness : Dhaniel

Name : Dhaniel, 20 years old.

Who is Dhaniel :
i am a flower quickly fading here today and gone tomorrow a wave tossed in the ocean a vapor in the wind still you hear me when I'm calling lord you catch me when I'm fallen and you told me who i am

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Nimrod, Allyssa, Billy, Hazel, Johnby, Tutsie and more joined. Join TODAY.

Summer Hotness : RYU ALCALA

Name : RYU ALCALA, 21 years old.

Engineering Student of Adamson University. Currently residing in Paranaque City.

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Anybody can join my summer hotness search. I'm looking for a boy and a girl. I'll have an outdoor shoot this June so I need models to bring. All expense paid trip.

Ahmad from Indonesia joined, check him out.

Enchanting Winward Freshwater Swimming Pool

The Winward cluster is located at the west side of Plantation Bay and Resort. Plantation bay has several pools, it is so big that you get to swim at different pools, depends on your mood. I tried to use the Windward swimming pool today. I was quite impressed with the layout.

You enter a cave like entrance and once you come out, you see a beautiful row of rooms and at the center of it is a pool that surrounds a tall tree. It's so picturesque. I love the layout of the place since its so intimate and all the rooms face the pool. The pool is just 3 feet deep so its really like a lap pool only. Diving is forbidden. At that time, we were the only ones using the pool since I assume the people that are billeted there are using the other pools in the resort.

What I like about Plantation bay is the feeling of exclusivity. I'm person that I don't want to be disturbed. I also don't like crowded pools since I like to play around the pool with my kids. I also enjoy lapping so I don't' want to always check out if there is a person in front of me if I'm swimming.

A beautiful place indeed. Check out the saltwater lagoons.

Summer Frolix 2011 at Plantation Bay

When I checked in at Plantation Bay, I received discount coupons that I can use on their restaurants. It's a good way of enticing their guests to try out all their restaurants. I DID.

I'll be staying here for 7 days. Super Rest and Relaxation indeed.

Lunch at Fiji Restaurant

Singaporean Chicken - Good

Crispy Pata - Very, Very Good

Kiddie Meal - Hotdog dipped in Tempura Flour

Pita Bread - actually delicious

Pictures of how it looks during the day at Fiji Restaurant. I had dinner at Fiji 2 days ago. Food is great and the service too.

Summer Hotness : MaRCo aHMaD

Name : MaRCo aHMaD, 21 years old.
Who is MaRCo aHMaD :


my name is ahmad marco, my nickname is marco
I am 21 years old and came from solo, Indonesia
I am an amateur model, young and hot body.. :)
my facebook is: (marco single)

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Anyone can join my summer hotness contest. I'll be going to Boracay this June and I want a model to come with me, hopefully, 1 boy and 1 girl.

The most viewed photo will win.

Drew Cancio joined, look at his pictures now.

Valhalla Hall Rooms

We went to Valhalla Hall since it is adjacent to the living coral pond. My daughter loves fishes. When we got there, I was quite disappointed since the place looks neglected. I see some fish but it looks like bangus and some tilapia.

The fishing pond is murky. I don't think someone go there to fish. I did not see any fishes.

I hope Plantation Bay can improve on their pond. Some people really like looking at live fishes. One is me.

The Valhalla Hall rooms look towards the west side of the saltwater swimming lagoon. My room here at plantation bay looks like this, its a one bedroom suite with 2 queen beds.
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