May 9, 2011

Tiger Prawn Tempura at Fiji Restaurant



Laura holding the coupon

Chandeliers at Fiji Restaurant
The booth

Their specialty : Tiger Prawns Tempura

I don't know what is this, I never tasted this fan like tempura

The mud pie, super sarap

Before going to Plantation Bay, I reviewed the comments made on about the resort. Most of the negative views there are wrong. The resort is just beautiful. Another comment that I usually read is about Fiji restaurant and their amazing tempura. With this, I decided that we take our dinner there. I used my coupons to get a 700 pesos discount.

The menu of Fiji Restaurant is kinda crazy. They have Japanese, local and some American cuisine. It's kinda confusing but since I went there for the tempura, I ordered one which is about 980 pesos. Quite steep but I'm on vacation, so its ok. I also ordered a mud pie for the kids. My nannies are full so I just ordered pastries for them.

The tempura is quite a dissappointment. It taste good but the difference is that they used king shrimps instead of the small ones. But if you go here just for the tempura, then you will be disappointed.

My discovery on this restaurant is their cake and pastries menu. I ordered the Mud Pie which was to die for. The pie is like the mud pie from Friday's restaurant, one of my favorites too.

Laura finished the whole cake so I ordered for take away 3 slices. This will serve as my birthday cake. I can't imagine, it's my birthday tomorrow. Time flies so fast. I hope I can enjoy the moment and breathe in all the experience I'll be having later.

Fiji Restaurant is located on the east side of Plantation Bay. They also have an outdoor tables and chairs but on this day, no one is dining outside because it's raining.

Summer Hotness : TJ Barcelona



Name : TJ Barcelona, 22 years old.
Who is TJ Barcelona :
The pictures can tell hehehe

If you find TJ Barcelona HOT, please vote by liking the "facebook icon" above.
The most viewed photo will win the Boracay Trip this end of May.

Sumptuous Chicken and Adobo by Kilimanjaro Cafe


Greens...need to eat this always

Yummy chicken and pork adobo.

This cheeseburger is about 490 pesos

Ordered at Kilimanjaro Cafe for our lunch room service is the chicken and pork adobo which is tasteful. I also ordered some salad to balance my diet. The cheeseburger meal goes to my kids. I will try out the other restaurants of this resort. I still have 4 days to go.

Smaller Longganisa - 3rd day at Plantation Bay



I woke up to a great morning today. No rains but it is still cloudy. There are a lot of hotel guests that are out and about. The lagoons are filled with swimmers and kayakers.

I ordered room service again since I'm so tired to dress up just to go to the restaurant. The longganisa this time became like a sausage in size. I think they ran out of the big longganisa's. I'll try a different breakfast meal tomorrow.

We went to swim at the Kilimanjaro Freshwater Swimming Pool. It's just in front of our room. It's a good thing that the pool is not that deep and toddler can stand up. The resort is really perfect for families.

Went back to the room around noon time to watch the Pacquiao fight.
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