May 8, 2011

Maitre Chocolatier Boutique Cafe in Ayala Cebu

While having dinner at Cafe Laguna, I chanced upon a very cute signage saying "Chocolatier". I said to myself, I need to try their hot chocolate since I'm an addicted chocolate drink lover.

Terraces in Ayala Cebu looks like Greenbelt 5. It has a lot of beautiful restaurants, a lot of local restaurants too that have branches at the mall. I hope I still have time to try them all.

Maitre Chocolatier serves everything chocolate. From chocolate liquer, pastries, cakes and candies. If you're a chocoholic like me, this place is heaven.

I ordered :

Romantic Synergy  Php 138
Lindt Dark Chocolate Dip with Churros Sticks

Golden Euphoria Php 188
This is my favorite.
Ferrero Hazelnut Crunch Cake

Sweet Revenge Php 188
Lindt Molten Lava Cake
I took this home and it still tasted good the next day.

The cakes were yummy but the churros were not. The churros were not fresh so it was kind of hard to eat. The chocolate dip were quite sweet but not too sweet. I guess they use Lindt chocolate. I seldom buy Lindt but I'll to try them once in a while. I also took home some chocolate goodies. Nestle Chocolate Cruch are the favorite of the kids.

Cafe Laguna at Ayala Cebu

Since it is raining cats and dogs today. I opted to go to the small and spend the day. Traffic was horrible so it took about 1 1/2 hours to go to Cebu City. It's already about 4pm when we arrived and all of us are hungry already.

I suggested Cafe Laguna since the chef /owner is a classmate of my brother and he knows me personally.  We ordered Lechon (that's right, they serve lechon),

Lechon Cebu - Php 611.61

Bam I - 165.81

Dinuguan - 95.54

The food was good. I highly recommend this place if you go to Cebu.
I ate a lot and we were a group of 4 with 2 kids. My total bill including tax is Php 1,892

Cafe Laguna
G/F Level, Ayala Center , Cebu

Oddly Shaped Bath Tub at Plantation Bay

It's a typhoon right now in Cebu. It's a good thing that they have this kind of tub that looks like a capsule. We used it as a swimming pool. I hope the weather will let up tomorrow so we can go out and swim again.

I think we'll go to the city instead today. As usual, to the Ayala Mall in Cebu.

Longganisa Breakfast Meal - 2nd Day

Plantation Bay serves delicious food. I'm quite excited how their breakfast taste. I ordered room service and ordered 3 orders of Longganissa meal. It's much cheaper since the buffet cost 990 nett.

MB's Pizzas, Steaks and Sausages

With one of my best friend friends

With my best friends bf

Fai or Gerry to his family...he he

The cheese pizza - I really don't get the taste

No choice but to eat...sayang ang pera

This wall frame took my attention.
At least there something's good on this restaurant.
It's 51 meters long.

My best friend in high school visited me at the hotel and took me out on a stroll. Fai is my classmate from an all boys school since first year high school. He just came from work and we were looking for a place to eat. We chanced upon this MB's Pizza place. The initials maybe the name of the owner.

We ordered a group meal. We were four. A cheese pizza meal and chicken on the side. The pizza needs some attention while the chicken needs some seasoning.

Well, I was not there to enjoy the food but the company. We had a great night.

I should have rather invited him to eat at Palermo Restaurant.

Palermo Restaurant is Divine

The restaurant I chose this Friday night is Piazza Palermo Cafe and Bar. From the outside, it looks like a bar. When I peeped into it, I saw no one, but the gracious waitress opened the door for me and I told her that I'd like to have my dinner. I was about to choose a table near the bar when she asked me again if I'm having my dinner, and I said YES. Then she ushered me further towards the end and brought me to the dining room.

The place is so romantic. I saw 2 tables that are occupied. They have high back chairs so you lie down comfortably. Their is a pianist playing some songs and act as the background music to the place. The restaurant also has a ceiling mural. Like the sistine chapel but on a smaller scale.

Their menu is very limited. Just tapas and some food items. My daughter, Laura, shouted, I want rice, then a I became a little panic. Good enough the server told me that they do serve garlic or plain rice. I quickly scanned their menu to see if there is a viand that can go with the rice and I saw Callos. Perfect.

This is their full menu for Tapas.

I ordered Callos (Php 250) and 2 pastas, Farfalloni Alla Carbonara (Php 450) and Sphagettini Al Nero (Php 450).

Callos - this dish is so rich..delicously yummy

Sphagettini Al Nero - I had this for take away, for the yaya of Dylan

Farfalloni Ala Carbonara
I ate this...cheese with Jamon Serrano and Farfalloni Pasta - DIVINE!!!!

Verdict. Palermo is delicious. Even Laura ate a lot.

I will also be dining in their other outlets as well. It's a typhoon now in Cebu so no choice but to stay indoors.

Sahara Nights

The resort is really out of nowhere so you don't have a choice but to dine in one of their restaurants. While passing by Orion Beach, I noticed an outdoor dinner buffet for only 990 pesos each. It's quite steep since I am with my two yayas and 2 kids. From a distance,  I hear a good singer and the food has many options. The buffet table was set up like a square with the chefs inside it. I assume they have prepared a wide variety of middle easter cuisine.

The Phone, Television and Treats

Fast Service, the lines are not busy

Samsung LCD

My favorite basket, complimentary sweets

I usually use to book my hotel and view the comments about the hotel that I plan to book at . I was keen on celebrating my birthday on Plantation Bay since I never had the chance to stay longer at this resort.

Sometimes I'm curious on how the television, the chairs or the beds look inside the room. It's a idiosyncrasy of mine.

Delicious Home Baked Cookies at Plantation Bay

These cookies ROCK!

She is a fan of Zombie movies, this one is her own interpretation.

I think I became overweight because I love cookies and sweets. Plantation Bay gave me complimentary cookies for my stay. At first, I thought the cookies are just so, so. I was proven wrong. They are delicious. The resort does not have a bakery but you can ask them to bake a cake or cookies for you. Amazing isn't it.
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