April 26, 2011

Why does love feels like a battlefield?

Why does love feel always feel like a battlefield?

I don't know but when you're in love you tend to be crazy, that's why.

My Home in Boracay

This is where I usually stay if I'm in Boracay. They have three different pools to choose from. Love, love it.

They also have a family room where 6 people can stay, it is one big room with two rooms inside, like a 2 bedroom condo.

Join me on my photoshoot at Boracay, this end of May or first week of June. 3 days, 2 nights stay all expenses paid. Except your pocket money lang.

Just submit 2 of your best photos, then the most viewed photo will win the prize. Join Today.

Paraw Ride in Boracay

Have you taken a Paraw ride in Boracay? I have already and it's fantastic.

Join my Boracay shoot this first week of June if you're interested, Just submit 2 photos and the most viewed photo will be the one who is joining me, open to both male and female.
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