March 24, 2011

La Carmela de Boracay Resort Hotel Review



Went to Boracay on a spur of the moment. I have a week off before my nannies will go on their summer vacations. I was browsing which province to go and I chose Boracay. I searched online and found La Carmela de Boracay. The facade of their hotel looks promising.

Their rate for their cheapest room is Php 3,200. I booked 2 nights of the hotel. My review for this hotel is mixed. It's actually 50, 50.

Here's why :

Plus Factors :

1. Great customer service. I phoned in for my reservations around 1am during the day of my arrival. Marah answered my call and took down my details and told me that she will endorse this to the reservations that morning. I called around 11 am just to follow up if the morning people got my reservation since I'll be arriving that day around 3pm.

2. Efficient Airport Transfer Crew, they carry your bags. I was with my two toddlers with 2 nannies.

3. Efficient Check in. They took time in answering my questions. Another downside of this is the long lines but who cares, as long as it is my turn, they take time answering mine.

4. Nice resort surroundings.

5. Wifi service at the room at 100 per hour is manageable. Longer hours, much cheaper.

6. Beautiful restaurant, Bad food.

7. Efficient staff, they serve fast. They greet customers.

8. Very clear cable television.

9. Nice comfortable bed.

Things to Improve :

1. Buy brand new vans for the airport transfers. They are using very old L300 vans where during turns, you can hear the wheels scrubbing against the van's body frame.

2. Room for 3,200 is very basic. Look and fee is like a pension house or a quickie motel. The hotel surroundings are beautiful but their standard rooms needs REFURBISHING. I think what's inside is more important that what's on the exterior.

3. Towels are very old.

4. Toilet bowl is so low. They added new tiles without moving the toilet bowl so it looks like a toilet bowl for kids.

5. Bad Food.

6. Bad Room lighting.
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