March 23, 2011

Non Working Phone at Shangri-la Boracay

I was trying to confirm my reservations with the hotel but the main phone line is attached to a fax line. After 2 rings, it has a fax tone.

I tried it 3 times, and it was just about 9:30 pm.

Imagine, no person at the front desk. CRAZY.

I am learning to love MYSELF

Ate the tuna sandwich already.

Finally, I have learned to love MYSELF and take care of my body.

After years of neglect, sitting almost 8 hours at a given time, my long lost lean body has turned into a health scare. Everyday, I'm often provided with options of what food to eat. Normally, I usually choose that are satisfying to my palate, normally Jollibee and Burger King take outs of their delicious burgers.

After promising myself that I should take care of my body for the next 5 years, I'm more conscious of the menu and what's on the buffet table.

Today at Boracay, we went to an all buffet at the La Carmela Resort Buffet. Their dinner buffet is only 270, and it includes refillable ice teas and a vast array of meats, fish, seafood and salads.

First thing I got was the barbecued pork, but I limited my rice to only 1 cup. Then I saw some clams with cheese and I got I think 15 pieces. Then for my dessert is fresh veggies with caesar salad and sour creme sauces.

I just drank 1 ice tea.

Losing weight is a difficult task and you have to do it generally since you cannot do it overnight. You should also have a strong determination since you face your weakness every meal times.

It's already midnight today and I ordered a midnight snack, the waiter told me, that they have cheeseburgers then I asked if they have tuna sandwich and they did. That's what I ordered.

Finally, finally, small steps on learning to love myself again.
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