February 17, 2011

Beautiful Axe Commercial

Two hot Thai models for Axe commercial.

One HOT Singaporean Man

This is Peter and he is one HOT Singaporean model.

Watching Bryanboy at Kanon Live

I enjoy reading Bryanboy. It's like reading his diary.

Watch him live here :


Life Saving Device of Star Ferry Hong Kong

I'm here in Hong Kong for a quick vacation and to spend Valentines Day 2011. Arrived Feb. 13 then will go home on Feb. 16, 2011.

Things to do if you're in Hong Kong is to ride the Star Ferry. It's so cold today and since I don't want to go up the stairs to ride the upper deck, I opted to ride at the Lower Deck, cost is only 2 Hong Kong dollars.

What was going on my mind was that if the boat capsize, the lifedraft is in front of me and there is the rope which I don't think can help.

This kind of rope was the rope that I was looking for that I can use for my photoshoots. I'd like to do a theme, just like David Beckham.
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