November 28, 2011

Do I really need to buy a 64GB SD Card?

SanDisk is the brand that I use.

I was at Trinoma today and I chanced upon Digital Walker, one of my favorite photography/gadgets store. I like the store because they carry photography bags and some camera gadgets. A photography store for me is like a candy store for kids. No spending limit at all so I always thinking whether to buy or not. 

I was there to buy an ordinary USB but I saw a 64 GB SD card. It's my first time to see an SD card that has that capacity. The price is a whopping 9,900 pesos. It's a good thing that I don't have cash and they don't accept Bancnet payments. I always pay in cash even though I can really charge it to my credit card. However, I have conquered my credit card. I feel ashamed now if I use my credit card. I feel that I'm broke because if I use my credit card, then I really don't have cash at all.

The digital walker store is located at the 2nd floor, Technohub area in Trinoma. 

The store also carries the creative speaker brand. I bought mine for only 3,000 pesos and it works very well. I'm planning to buy a new one for my new studio at ESNA Building, 30 Timog Avenue.

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