July 27, 2011

Kaishu Sushi Noodles Express at the Manila International Terminal 3

I'm off to Bangkok, Thailand today for James Worasan food tour. It's a 3 day tour. Arrived at the airport around 7pm. Had dinner first. I saw this Japanese food outlet. I ordered a Chicken Teriyaki meal.The chicken meal is about 180 pesos.

I was not expecting anything but the food is delicious.

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July 25, 2011

Martin Lindstrom in CNBC

Watching Martin Lindstrom at CNBC. He's one of my favorite authors.

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America is a 500 Billion Dollar Market

I'm watching CNBC tonight. Since I'm all alone in my hotel room, I opted to watch documentaries instead. I'm amazed that the supermarket industry in America is 500 Billion Dollars. Wal-Mart controls it.

They say you don't have to be smart. You should know who to copy.

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Elite Boxing presents Muaythai Fights at River City Mall

It's our second day of our food tour and we were are going to participate on a dinner cruise. The send off point is at the River City Mall. Upon entering the mall, I was given flyers that there would be an MMA event happening the next day. Unfortunately, our schedule is really tight.

I'm happy that I read about the story behind these events. AMAZING.

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July 19, 2011

Jaypee Soberano

Jaypee is a student of Information Technology.

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Plastic Bag Supplier in Manila

I'm usually on a prowl of looking for suppliers.

I saw this plastic hand bag supplier.



They make the plastic bags of Folded and Hung.

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July 18, 2011

When to use Aspect Ratio Bracketing?

Using the Aspect Ratio Bracketing on a point and shoot camera depends on the subject and the situation.

- If the subject is a square format : use 1:1

- If you want to go wide like in nature shots : 16:9

- For day to day shoots, you can use 3:3

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A Travel Camera

I have an upcoming overseas trip and I'm contemplating of buying a point and shoot camera so it would be easy to take pictures.

I'm hesitant to bring my big camera since it is so heavy and I don't want to misplace it or just in case I'll be robbed. It's best that the camera that is used at the studio, just stays there.

I'm currently looking at Canon S-95. I still have to call Canon tomorrow for its price.

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July 17, 2011


Mamal for Vic Fabe Photography. He's a dentistry student here in Manila. He wants to be a model.

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Fil-Spanish Mark

Mark for Vic Fabe Photography

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Gloria Maris at Araneta Coliseum

My Food Diary, July 5, 2011

Kylie Minogue is in town. She will perform her Aphrodite Tour here at Araneta Coliseum in Manila.

After her awesome concert, we went to look for a restaurant where we can have a late night dinner. The restaurants gets full immediately after major concerts since there is a strong demand for late night but there are very few restaurants in the area.

Good enough, the Chinese Restaurant Gloria Maris is not really a hit. We spotted a lot of vacant tables and they even gave us a big one considering we were only two.

Here are what we ordered.

2 Sharksfin Siomai Php 196

Sweet Sour Fish Fillet Php 268

Yang Chao Fried Rice Php188

Roast Pork Adobo Php 268

Coke Regular Php 50

Black Gulaman Lychee Php 88

Total Bill is Php1,058

Food was good especially the sharksfin siomai. I’m an avid fan of dimsum.

I’ll try again Gloria Maris next time.

Gloria Maris Restaurant

Coliseum Cicle Araneta Center,

Quezon City

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ABE at Trinoma

My Diary, July 5, 2001

ABE is part of the LJC group of restaurants. I was a fan of their flagship restaurant in Malate until it was burnt down.

This is what I ordered for lunch. I’m with my assistant Cindy and I treated her to lunch.

Pork Sinigang Php 330

Lamb Adobo Php 395

Plain Rice Php 124 (62 each)

Ripe Mango Shake Php 105

Coke Php 65

Mango Jubilee Php 280 (140 each)

Total Bill is Php 1,299

Plus Service Charge of Php 115.99

I spent Php 1,414.99 for a 2 person lunch meal.




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David's Hot Pot at Trinoma Mall

My Food Diary, July 3, 2011

It’s a Sunday today and usually we are here at Trinoma, just window shopping. For dinner, we went to David’s Hot Pot and Tea Bar Restaurant. It’s a Chinese restaurant that I frequent . They have a branch that is right beside my studio office in Tomas Morato. I often go there that the manager gave me a VIP card just for that.

Here is what I ordered.

Fish Fillet w/Sweet & Sour Sauce Php 340

YangChow Fried Rice Php190

Shrimp Siomai Php 90

Roasted Pork Asado Php 195

Tuasi Spareribs Php 90

Pork Asado Pao Php 85

Total Bill is 1,265

Less 112.95 VIP card discount

I paid Php 1,129.95

David’s Hot Pot and Tea Bar Restaurant

Space 2090 L2 Trinoma Mall

Edsa cor North Avenue

Barangay Pag asa, Quezon City

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Stackers Burger Cafe, Metrowalk

My Diary, July 3, 2011

Mark invited me to an after drinks after Ohwie’s birthday. We decided to meet at Metrowalk and we settled at Stackers Burger Café.

Metrowalk is a large mall complex in the heart of the Ortigas complex and it houses restaurants, bars and clubs. Its full of people at night since its right beside the major call center offices.

It’s about 1.30 am already and here is what we ordered.

Fish with Chips Large Php 265

Stackers Hot Tea Php 50

Pepsi Large Php 45

Chicken Nuggets Php 115

Total Bill is Php 475.

There is no service charge.

I was with Mark, Ken and with ever jolly Albert. We enjoyed talking about the nuisances of working in the call center industry.

Stackers Burger Café

Metrowalk Commercial Complex

Meralco Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City

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ABE Restaurant, Trinoma Mall

My Food Diary, July 1, 2011

It’s dinner time again and I’m here at Trinoma. Sometimes the kids yearn for the playground so I budget twice a week to go here to Trinoma so I can bring them to the playground. Trinoma is the perfect mall to go during weekends since they closes at 10pm unlike the other Ayala malls where they close at 9.

I went to ABE restaurant to have dinner with my brother.

Here is what I ordered.

Morcon Php 308

Lamb Adobo Php 395

Kare-Kare Php 475

Plain Rice Php 124

Coke Php 65

Total Food bill Php 1,367

Plus Service Charge Php 122.06

Total Bill is Php 1,489.

It was my first time to order Morcon and I loved it. It’s like embotido with a sweet tomato sauce. I will be ordering this all the time.

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Reuben Go 2

Male Model Folio : Reuben Go

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Where to order Lechon de Leche in Manila?

1 Whole Lechon de Leche

Only Php 3,000

Linda's Lechon Cebu


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Reuben Go

Reuben is still a university student. He wants to pursue modeling as his part time job.

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Benham is one of my photography clients.

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July 15, 2011

Christian Galang

Christian is an engineering students. He's focused more on finishing his studies. He's the brother a famous indie actor.

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Stephanie is only 15 years old. She wants to do modeling as her part time job.

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Steph Model Folio

Steph is just 15 years old. She is an aspiring model.

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Boh Martinez Model Folio

Boh is a student in one of the universities in the south. He's a junior, I think.

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Daniel Sample Model Setcard

Model Setcard for Daniel. Daniel is an engineering student.

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Ronni Toribio

Ronnie Toribio is managed by Renz Tuazon Modeling Agency.

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