December 18, 2010

Shirtless Justin Gan

Justin Gan is a basketball player from UST. He is actually referred to me by his classmate that I have worked with before.

Erish Mariano - Japanese Model

Erish Mariano has very nice features. I always kid him that he looks like a Japanese model. He has a perfect bronze skin tone. He's also very fit.

One sexy Architect indeed.

Charles Ghareh for FABE

Charles Ghareh for Vic Fabe Photography. Charles is Persian but he looks more of a German to me. I think his roots are from Germany and he just happens to grow up in Tehran.

He's a very gorgeous model and works hard. Very professional.

Shorts are by Meliton David.

Mitzi Paniel

I invited Mitzi Paniel to join me at the Century Plaza Hotel in Harrison Plaza to do a shoot. I had an FHM shoot that afternoon and since the room was rented for the whole day, I felt the need to invite models so I can use the room to do some photography. There were 2 adjoining rooms that were used that day.

Mitzi is wearing a Purple Drezzee Dress.
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