December 11, 2010

Delicious TGIF Restaurant in Tomas Morato

Me and my assistant attended Ian Alquiro's Nude Exhibit at the Room tonight. I was not able to get some pictures on the exhibit because it's a no cam zone. The exhibit was great. I'm glad that Ian was able to get 69 models to pose for him.

It was about 9:30 pm that I decided to go out and treat my assistant, Jazz Esteban. Jazz is a graduating entrep student and he's been my photography intern for this year. I enjoy working with him since he is hardworking and very resourceful.

We were supposed to go to Burger King to have dinner but I changed my mind since I'm with my assistant and I love to eat at restaurants, why not bring him with me rather than eating alone. We went to Thank God It's Friday , TGIF, along Tomas Morato.

TGIF is located beside ABS-CBN studios. It's in front of Guillys, a famous dance club here in Quezon City.

The food is great but the service is EXCELLENT.

Our server who was a girl was kinda sleepy and I caught her sleeping while standing up. Maybe she was really tired. Their service was fast because when I raised my hand, anybody who saw it came to us, even if they are not our server. This was far the best service I had in a TGIF restaurant. The worst is from the Robinson's Manila Branch where the server looks away .

We ordered my favorite, baby back ribs.

I just ordered half-slab since the price is kinda high. It's Php 550.

Their baby back is meaty and it is paired with a delicious apple barbecue sauce. Yummy.

I also ordered a 12 pieces hot wings. Only Php 450.

To end our meal, I ordered their infamous Mocha Mud Pie, Php 260. I used to eat this way, way back when I was still in college. I go all the way to Glorietta 4 just to eat this mud pie. There was only one TGIF in Manila back then.

All in all, the service and the great food, I rate is as A.

1. Fast server service
2. Delicious and filling food.
3. Excellent sauces

1. No parking available right away since they have limited parking space.
2. Expensive, Our bill for two is Php 1,836.00

Here's how the restaurant looks like.

Spiderman lives here.

It's me and Jazztine Esteban. We had our late dinner here after attending Ian Alquiros Nude Exhibit at his studio at Panay Avenue.

Ian Alquiros is the one who told me to pursue photography. He's a great mentor.
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