May 5, 2010

Lowell Status Photoshoot Project

Swimwear Poster Radge

Radge in blue swimwear.

Swimwear Poster Daniel Gilardi

Daniel Gilardi wears red swimming trunk.

Joseph Paolo Tayco Status Photoshoot Project

Shirtless Mark Martin

Mark Martin in light blue beach shorts.

Mark Martin in White Swimwear

Mark Martin wears a white printed swimming trunk.

Mark Martin in Shirt

Mark Martin wears a combination of brown and beige t'shirt.

Mark Martin in Terno

Mark Martin wears a leopard print terno.

Lance Serrano Shirtless

Shirtless Lance

Lance Serrano in T'shirt

Lance Serrano wears a dyed t'shirt.

Mark Rivera Shirtless

Shirtless Mark Rivera

Mary Nasehi in Black Dress

Mary Nasehi wears a black sleeveless dress.

Mary Nasehi

Mary Nasehi in denim shorts with gray blazer and bronze metalic blouse.

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