May 3, 2010

A Great Day to End my short Vacation




















We are going home today. It's the 6th and last day of our vacation.

We went to Potipot Island, conquered it and went to Subic Bay. Went to Camayan Beach Resort, stayed at a Korean Hotel and ended in a Bali inspired Villa.

Spending quality time with my kids really rejuvinated me.

As for my assistant, I always impart with him that if you work hard, you also play hard. He really enjoyed this break and I'll be bringing him when I discover Batangas next week.

We had lunch at Jollibee and after we went for duty free shopping.

We just went to Royal Subic Duty Free. The exchange rate was 44.46.

I just bought 6 beach towels. The towels are exactly the same at the Segara Villas. Two feather pillows and toys for the kids. My bill was about 6,774.14.

It's so ironic because when I arrived in Manila, I passed by Western Union, their exchange rate is only 43. 34. So I paid 1 peso higher. Well, it's a good thing I did not shop for groceries, it would have been a big mistake.

After the duty free shopping, we left around 3 pm at Subic and arrived in Manila at 4:30. The ride was smooth and it just took 1.5 hours. It's just like going to Makati from our house.


Travel Diary

Preparations for the Trip

Subic Hotel Hunting

Uacon, Zambales Arrival

Discovering Potipot Island


Picture Gallery

Alta Nina Guest Rooms


Previous Running Expense : 39,348

Jollibee Lunch : 390

Duty Free Shopping : 6,744.14

Segara Villas : 22,936

Starex Van Rental : 18,000

Driver Tip : 1,000

Total Expenses for the 6 Days Vacation : 88,418.14


Next Travel Escapade : Acuatico Resort :

Friday, May 7. I'll celebrate my birthday there.

Segara Villas Midnight Snacks

Segara Villa Midnight Snack 05.JPG

Segara Villa Midnight Snack 06.JPG

Once we arrived back to the hotel, our midnight snacks was there to welcome us. Segara Villas always knows how to pamper their guests. The last time I had this one was when I stayed at the Sofitel hotel in Bangkok. How I wish I took note of my travels before. But better late than never.

Enjoying the villa and excited to sleep in their ultra soft bed with Tempur pillows. As for their beds, it reminded me of the Westin bed that I slept at a Westin Hotel in Chicago Midway airport years ago. Memories, memories indeed.

Texas Joe's Restaurant

Texas Joe 01.jpg

Texas Joe 02.jpg

Texas Joe 03.jpg

Texas Joe 04.jpg

Texas Joe's Restaurant reminds me of places that I eat when I'm in the U.S. It's simple American. I have some reservation on eating in a rib house since for the past days, all the meat dishes that we ate were kinda tough. I'm not sure if this is due to the place but since I'm a fan of ribs, why not I try it out.

The moment you enter Texas Joe's, you'll see waiters and waitresses wearing cowboy outfits with matching brown hats. Service was fast considering the place is full. Subic is indeed a happening place. It's a Sunday night and I thought most of the vacationeers have gone home already.

I ordered 2 slabs of ribs. Ironically, the meat comes from Brazil. I also ordered chicken wings. Always a staple in these types of restaurants.

Food was served promptly and it was DELICIOUS.

I highly recommend this place for those who love to eat ribs.

Unfortunately, the kids are already sleeply. In fact, Laura was already sleeping. And it is still 7:30 pm.

I sent them home and what's left on our big table was me and Jazz. The ribs, corn, baked beans, coleslaw and chicken wings. All of these for the two of us.

It was fun to sight see in the restaurant. Half of the patrons are foreigners. It's a friendly place. It's homey.

This is our last night of my vacation. Looking forward to my vacation next weekend when I'll discover Batangas.

We finished dinner around 9 pm and I told my driver that we'll do a little bit of shopping.

I went to the PUMA store and I was able to find this climalite shorts from Adidas. It's my size, 2xl. Bought it right away.

Went to the other stores but their closed already. So I'll have do my shopping tomorrow instead.

Now we head back to the hotel.


Previous Running Expense : 34,096

Texas Joe's Dinner : 2,752

Pampers Dylan : 1,000

Climalite Shorts : 1,540

Current Running Expenses : 39,348


Dylan at the Kiddie Pool

Segara Villa Pool 37.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 38.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 04.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 05.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 06.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 10.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 11.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 18.jpg

Dylan and Laura at the Segara Villa Kiddie Pool.

After a good 2 hour dip at the pool, we headed off to Texas Joe's to have our dinner.

Swimming at Segara Swimming Pool

Segara Villa Pool 31.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 32.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 33.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 34.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 35.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 36.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 01.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 02.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 03.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 12.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 13.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 14.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 15.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 16.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 17.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 19.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 20.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 21.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 22.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 23.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 24.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 25.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 26.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 27.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 28.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 29.jpg

Segara Villa Pool 30.jpg

The pool at Segara Villa is just ok. Nothing fancy.

What I like about the kiddie pool is that it's only 3 feet deep. Actually both Laura and Dylan can walk on the pool. It's also not highly chlorinated. It's just right.

When we arrived, there was only 1 kid who was playing at the pool. Around 5 pm, the rest of the visitors came. Since they have only 10 villas, there were really quite a few of us. It was one relaxing afternoon before going home to Manila tomorrow.

I'm getting old now..I'll be having my birthday next Sunday and I'm off again to the beach, but this team I'm going to Batangas. I'm going to explore a new resort. I'd like to maximize my summer by letting my kids hit the beach. I grew up going to the beach house of my grandpa during summers and I'd like to do this with Laura and Dylan.

I need to make memories with them.

Seeing Dylan enjoying the pool is priceless.

It was a fun filled swimming afternoon. Now it's time for dinner and I thought of eating at Texas Joe's, a ribs place along the waterfront of Subic.

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