April 27, 2010

Preparing for my Trip to Potipot Island and Subic

My Summer Escapade - April 28 to May 3, 2010

Potipot Island and Subic Freeport Zone

potipot island.jpg

This picture made me go to Potipot Island

My children would like to go to the beach and one of my models suggested that I go to Potipot Island. I was quite amazed with it so I decided to go this Thursday. However, I think it was bad timing since it's a holiday this May 1 and it seemed that all the resorts I have called are fully booked. Now I'm worried.

I asked my assistant, Jazz Esteban, if he is free to join me in this trip and he said YES. He's a very good photog assistant and I told myself, this would be a great opportunity to hone his craft in landscape photography. I hope he'll be able to learn something from me.

Our destination is Potipot Island is in Candelaria, Zambales. Potipot Island is located in Uacon, Zambales. There are resorts that line the coast and the resorts below are those located just in front of the island.

The island is a mere 5 minute boat ride.

Dawal Beach Resort - this is always fully booked.

Sun Bloom - Highly recommended by other bloggers - 0916-543-9709

Alta Nina Resort - 0918-92605373

Isla Vista Resort- got to read a lot of very BAD reviews so better not go there.

All of these were fully booked. Good thing I was really determined to look for a resort since I already booked a van for the trip, and it's 6 days.

Well I chanced upon this Villa Ysmael Resort in Potipot. It's fairly new and they really don't have amenities like a canteen. But I just booked it right away, since they have an available room on Wednesday and Thursday night. I'll just deal with my accommodation on Friday. At least, I'll be able to see Potipot finally.

My mind is still wondering on where will I stay this Friday.

These are my options:

1. Go to Pundaquit and stay there until Monday. But the problem is, they are also fully booked.

2. Go to Subic and go around. At least I get to experience Subic again, Ocean Adventure and stuff in Subic. If I'm able to get a room hered then I'll probably stay here.

I'm already excited to go to the beach tomorrow.


Expenses Diary : Pre-departure Expenses

1. Bought all the medicines for the trip. I'll be bring my 2 toddlers. Cost : 1,500

2. Had grocery, bought water, chips and stuff. There are no T.V on Villa Ysmael in Potipot Island, so I need my food..he he he... Cost : 6,000

3. Load : 1,000. I loaded my globe phone with 1,000 load. I will be doing a lot of calling while on the road. I still need to book my accommodation for Friday.

It's already 8,500..this is my running total cost.

Read my Subic Hotel Hunting here.


Travel Diary

Travel Diary

Preparations for the Trip

Subic Hotel Hunting

Uacon, Zambales Arrival

Aileen Pacete & Angelica Signo Set 2

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 33.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 35.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 25.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 26.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 29.jpg

Cotton Striped Dress, Only 450. Yellow chiffon blouse, only 450. FABE clothing store is located at the Cash and Carry Mall in Makati.

Aileen Pacete and Angelica Signo in FABE Dresses

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 18.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 20.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 22.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 23.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 24.jpg

Angelica Signo and Aileen Pacete are young beautiful models in Manila. They just fit the image of a FABE shopper. Young, gorgeous and smart ladies.

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