April 2, 2010

Freshman Albert

Albert FABE Swimwear 005.jpg

Albert FABE Swimwear 006.jpg

Albert FABE Swimwear 007.jpg

Albert FABE Swimwear 003.jpg

Albert FABE Swimwear 004.jpg

Albert is a freshman in college. He also plays for his school's basketball team. He want to enter modeling. He's also very easy to work with.

You can see more of him here.

Daniel Gilardi


Daniel Gilardi is a Filipino-Italian model based in Manila. He has been to Manila several times already. Hopefully, he'll make it big in Philippine showbiz.

Island Pacific Hotel Hong Kong

This is a short video of my hotel room at Island Pacific Hotel Hong Kong. This is room 311.

Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities. The first is London.

Claro Radam

Claro Radam Set 2 04.jpg

Claro Radam Set 2 05.jpg

Claro Radam Set 2 01.jpg

Claro Radam Set 2 02.jpg

Claro Radam Set 2 03.jpg

Claro Radam is still in university. He likes to pursue modeling.

Hunky Engineer Julius Abanilla

julius header 3.jpg

Julius Abanilla 04.jpg

Julius Abanilla 03.jpg

Julius Abanilla 02.jpg

Julius Abanilla 01.jpg

Julius Abanilla 08.jpg

Julius Abanilla 07.jpg

julius header 1 .jpg

julius header 1a.jpg

julius header 2.jpg

Julius Abanilla is still a junior at one of the Catholic University here in Manila. He has come out with TV commercials and have print ad experience already. He is very easy work with, easy to direct.

He's still studying engineering and will definitely have available time to do some modeling assignments this summer. Please pm me at my faceboook if you're interested with him on your projects.

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