February 2, 2010

Mark Catubay Set 2

Mark Catubay  wears a beige shirt.

Marc Catubay Set 1

Marc Catubay wears a printed shorts.

Raphael Remo Galvez Set 3

Raphael Remo Galvez in dark blue long sleeves.

Rafael RemoGalvez Set 2

Rafael Remo Galvez wears a white long sleeves.

Raphael Remo Galvez Set 1

Raphael Remo Galvez wears a combination of black and printed shirt.

Rafael Header

Rafael Remo Galvez wears a round neck white cotton t'shirt.

Lucky Conde Set 2

Lucky Conde wears a printed beige shorts.

Lucky Conde Set 3

Lucky Conde wears a black laced t'shirt.

Lucky Conde Set 1

Lucky Conde wears a beige sporty terno.

Isshi Cabebe Set 2

Isshi Cabebe in a brown fashioned hair accessory.

Kimberly Empestan


Kimberly Empestan in denim pants with fashioned black lingerie and gemstone necklace.

Isshi Cabebe Set 1


Isshi Cabebe wears a gray dress with gemstone fashion accessories.

Jenus Martinez

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Jenus Martinez in casual wear.

Kimberly Empestan Set 7


Kimberly Empestan wears a red swimwear with fashion accessories.

Jhenus Martinez Bustier


Jhenus Martinez in black fashioned lingerie.

Jenus Martinez


Jenus Martinez in casual wear.

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