January 27, 2010

Wikko Sarabia Set 10


Wikko Sarabia wears a black swimming trunk with yellow combination.

Wikko Sarabia Set 9


Wikko Sarabia in blue green swimwear with white combination.


 Archie wears a brown swimming trunk with white lining.

Doyp Header

Model wears black shirt and pants.



Fraicy wears a black sleeveless blouse with pink gemstone necklace.

Rachel Navales Set 6


Rachel Navales wears a transparent gray ring.

Rachel Navales Set 5


Rachel Navales wears a gray bracelet.

Rachel Navales Set 4


Rachel Navales wears a gray micro mini dress.

Anne Sarabia Set 5


Anne Sarabia in colorful gemstone bangles. 

Anne Sarabia Set 4


Anne Sarabia wears a combination of sky blue and green gemstone ring.

Anne Sarabia Set 3


Anne Sarabia wears a combination of gemstone and beads bangles.

Anne Sarabia Set 2


Anne Sarabia wears a violet dress with white transparent gemstone bangles.

Anne Sarabia Set 1


Anne Sarabia wears a gemstone necklace.

Anne Sarabia


Anne Sarabia in a black lace dress with gemstone necklace.

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