January 15, 2010


Jhantelle in a casual black dress.

Jhantelle Image

Jhantelle Image

Jenus Martinez Set 1

Jenus Martinez wears a casual purple terno.

Jhelai Chua Set 2

Jhelai Chua wears a sexy  snake print terno.

Jhelai Chua Set 1

Jhelai Chua in a blue silk dress.

Jeremy Badong

Jeremy Badong in a camouflage shirt.

Gio Pineda Set 3

Gio Pineda in a cotton gray shirt.

Gio Pineda Set 2

Gio Pineda in a colorful striped shirt.

Gio Pineda Set 1

Gio Pineda wears black shorts with striped t'shirt.

Jemille Ang Set 4

Jemille Ang in a combination of plain and printed blouse.

Jemille Ang Set 3

Jemille Ang wears a combination of black and orange sleeveless dress.

Jemille Ang Set 2

Jemille Ang in black and red striped dress.

Jemilee Ang Set 1

Jemilee Ang wears a sexy glossy gray dress.


Heat in a v-neck printed shirt.

Gino Cabrillas Set 2

Gino Cabrillas in a snake print shirt.

Gino Cabrillas Set 1

Gino Cabrillas wears a nature printed shirt.

Gie Sagmit

Gie Sagmit wears a a light yellow two piece swimsuit.

Gia Calimbas

Gia Calimbas wears a blue beaded dress.

Gia Calimbas Set 1

Gia Calimbas in black and red striped dress.

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