January 14, 2010

Philip Salandan Set 1

Philip Salandan in a black round neck shirt.

Paula Limbang Set 2

Paula Limbang wears a printed floral dress.

Cris Odulio

Model wears a checkered polo.

Name: Cris Emmanuel D. Odulio

School / Company :

Phone No. : 09152856555

Birthday :  October 23

Age :   22

Multiply Account :

Friendster :


Height :  5'8

Weight : 150

Vital Stats-Chest-Waist-Hips :

Hair :  Black

Eyes : Brown

Shoe Size :

Three words that BEST describe YOU.>>> Only God knows

Where is your favorite destination? >> Heaven

What is your favorite clothing brand? FABE

Dan Santos

Dan Santos wears a brown printed shirt.

Paula Limbang Set 2

Paula Limbang wears a floral printed dress.

Paula Limbang Set 1

Paula Limbang wears a sexy red orange dress.


Pen wears a glossy white strapless dress with black belt accent.

Derek Ramos Set 2

Derek Ramos wears a blue boxer shorts with yellow lining.

Derek Ramos Set 1

Derek Ramos wears a printed shirt.


David wears a sporty shirt.

Dandy Ramos

Dandy Ramos wears a blue and white striped v-neck shirt.

Dale Dizon Set 2

Dale Dizon in black and white striped swimwear.

Dale Dizon Set 1

Dale Dizon wears a combination of plain green and printed shirt.

Daisuke Kikuchi Set 2

Daisuke Kikuchi in a combination of blue and gold boxer shorts.

Daisuke Kikuchi Set 1

Daisuke Kikuchi wears a combination of plain and printed shirt.

Cyrus Reyes Set 2a

Cyrus Reyes wears a dark blue shorts.

Cyrus Reyes Set 1a

Cyrus Reyes wears a brown see-through shirt.

Cyrus Reyes Set 2

Cyrus Reyes in plain white shorts.

Cyrus Reyes Set 1

Cyrus Reyes in a white sporty v-neck shirt.

Christopher De Chavez Image 2

Christopher De Chavez Images.

Christopher De Chavez Set 2

Christopher De Chavez in powder blue shirt with black lining.

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