January 11, 2010

Greyz Claveria Set 2

Greyz Claveria in a sexy gray blouse.

Greyz Claveria Set 1

Greyz Claveria wears a glossy gray dress.

Franz Set 3

Franz wears a skin tone colored shirt with brown lining.

Franz Set 2

Franz in a white sporty shirt with gray lining.

Franz Set 1

Franz wears a black shirt with a pink combination.

Ernie Set 1

Ernie wears a gray swimming trunk.

Christian De Lima Set 1

Model wears a gray short.

Name: Christian de Lima

School / Company : Sykes Asia

Phone No. 09158226061

Email Add:  Christian_delima@yahoo.com

Birthday :  December 25,1982

Age :   26

Multiply Account : breakdance22@multiply.com


Height : 5'8

Weight : 150

Vital Stats-Chest-Waist-Hips :

Hair : Brown

Eyes : Brown

Shoe Size : 9

Tell me a little about yourself ? Why do you like to model ? Things that will help a potential client get you.

    Through a single picture you an entire a story that can inspire others. That's why I want to be a model.




Chona Lee Set 2

Chona Lee in a printed silk dress.

Chona Lee Set 1

Chona Lee wears a black dress.

Chester and Mark

Chester and Mark in triple colored shirt.

Carlo Ponti

Carlo Ponti wears a black shirt.

Carla Checka Set 3

Carla Checka wears a gray sleeveless blouse.

Carla Checka Set 2a

Carla Checka in a printed blouse.

Carla Checka Set 2

Carla Checka in a printed blouse.

Carla Checka Set 1

Carla Checka wears a gold sequenced dress.

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