January 2, 2010

Erick Zonio for FABE Underwear

Erick Zonio models for my underwear line. More designs to come out very soon.

Most of my customers are Male so I decided to come out with clothes that I also like to wear and offer it to my customers.

Aquamarine Underwear - Only 250

Erick is an Auditor.

Creative Process by Todd Anthony Tyler

My new years resolution on my photography is to improve my skills on composition. I do receive a lot of model requests for a shoot and sometimes I just respond to the request para hindi pumatong patong ang mga requests.
But this year, I like my pictures to be more beautiful, composition wise.
Here's I need to follow the creative process by one of my photo idols, Todd.
  • meeting or brief on the concept of the shoot
  • location scouting if required
  • model casting
  • for me personally, prepping mentally and physical notes on thoughts and ideas about the shoot - starting points for shots, model direction
  • shoot day - all shoots start with everyone warming up, especially the model. shoot the plan, but so many variables in a shoot that you can not plan for or at times predict, SO - take advantage of the positives, troubleshoot/problem solve the negs
  • selection of the photos
  • post work - varies from shoot to shoot, but basically cleaning up the images, any treatment you want to the digital files

Lucky Conde Grey Swimwear

Lucky Conde modeling FABE accessories and a cotton silk grey swimwear.

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