September 29, 2010

Yearly Project and the Movie - Devil

I was fortunate enough to watch a movie today. This is a good consequence if a client of mine cancels at the last minute. I highly recommend the movie and I hope you watch it.

I'm also thinking about what kind of concepts that I'll do for my future photoshoots. I get a lot of model requests for photoshoots and given this opportunity, I'd like to do any concepts since they are open to any of it. My body calendar is almost done. It's a great project and I'm glad that I was able to get 12 male and 12 female models for it. I plan to have a small private party for this in November.

I still have shoots tomorrow until Friday and still I don't have any ideas....usually i prefer ideas that will be patok to my viewers. I come from a marketing background and I prefer what sells. There should be a balance of creativity and commerciality (if there is a word for it) of the pictures.

Well, well..lets see nalang.

Glad that Will is always supporting me. :-)

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Aussie Pinoy Mic Magat

Mic is a friend of my Make up Artist. He was actually referred to me.  He loves wake boarding so much that he goes to Camarines Sur all the time. One of my projects for him is to shoot him while wakeboarding.

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Boyish Mon Paulo

Mon has strong boyish looks. He was busy in commercial modeling before but took a year break to focus on his studies. More of him soon.

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Open Photoshoot with Franchesca and Luisa

Both Franchesca Nuqui and Luisa Lorenzo are university students taking up International Studies. They are referred to me by their classmate that has modeled for me too. Martin Laureano and Crissan.

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September 27, 2010

Beautiful Jake Martin

Jake Martin is only 16 years old. He is very young but so gorgeous in person. He is tall, around 5' 7". This particular shoot is in collaboration with Adrian Adraincem. Jake Martin is a model of Khen Ada.

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Cogie Domingo in the movie Muli

I've always been a fan of Cogie Domingo ever since, so when i saw a teaser of him that he will come out in the indie film, "Muli", I was super excited.

My photography schedule is quite gruelling since I shoot from Mondays to Saturdays. But right now I like to slow down and focus more on ideas and concepts since I want the best photos for the models who are willing to pose for me.

Today is Sunday and I spent the whole day with my cutings. Then I had an idea of watching the last full show of Muli at the Robinsons Galleria. The movie started at 9:30 pm.

The movie has a similar plot with Brokeback Mountain. It's a story of a gay communist rebel that fell in love with different men. Just like me, I easily lust in love..ha ha ha. The set is beautiful, it was authentic, it started during the 1970's and what's great about it is that it looked liked the seventies.

The plot tooks place in Baguio City. Oh I miss Baguio. The house of Sid Lucero in movie also serves as an inn, that how the characters met. The house is so beautiful with beautiful wood paneling. It's so beautiful that it convinced me that I should buy some property in Baguio. I love to retire there.

The sex scenes were great. It is real and the actors really portrayed it very well, like they really liked it. Cogie was super hot. Eventhough, he is a little bit big on the side, he still portrays a macho aura.

I urge you to watch the movie, it shows the normal lives of gay men. Unlike most of the indie films which portrays poverty...which is actually just a little percentage in the gay population in Manila.

This film portrays that you can be gay and succesful in your career.

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