April 30, 2010

My No. 1 Female Model

Laura Modeling 003.jpg

Laura Modeling 004.jpg

Laura Modeling 005.jpg

Laura Modeling 006.jpg

Laura Modeling 008.jpg

Laura Modeling 013.jpg

Laura Modeling 001.jpg

Laura Modeling 002.jpg

This is a nipa hut that you can use inside Alta Nina that is free of charge. It is only 2 cottages so it's going to be first come, first serve.

As usual, Laura can always make a location wonderful with her emotional poses.

She is my No. 1 model in my photography. Look whose my No. 1 male model.



Alta Nina Resort Fashion Shoot

My No. 1 Female Model


Alta Nina Resort Fashion Shoot

Alta Nina Resort Fashion Shoot 004.jpg

Alta Nina Resort Fashion Shoot 001.jpg

Alta Nina Resort Fashion Shoot 002.jpg

Alta Nina Resort Fashion Shoot 003.jpg

Alta Nina Resort is very generous. They let you use their facilities if no one is using it. One is these child beach chairs. Laura and Dylan noticed it ang began sitting on it. My assistant, Jazz, was carrying the camera so he started shooting.

Well, this turned out to be the first Alta Nina Fashion Shoot.

This is my No. 1 model in my photography.

Travel Diary

Preparations for the Trip

Subic Hotel Hunting

Uacon, Zambales Arrival

Discovering Potipot Island

Outtakes - Alta Nina Resort Fashion Shoot


Picture Gallery

Alta Nina Guest Rooms



Discovering Potipot Island

This is our second day of our vacation.

Potipot Island Day 2 026.jpg

Potipot Island Day 2 042.jpg

This pictures were taken at Potipot Island

Today is the day the we will go to Potipot Island. I woke up around 8 am but I still feel sleepy. I was not able to sleep from 12 midnight to 6 am, I think my body is just adjusting since I'm usually awake at that time in Manila.

Waking up hearing the waves is just glorious. I don't have television, no newspapers, no distractions. This is the vacation that I had in mind. Just like when I was little boy going to my grandfather's beach house every summer.

I want my kids to experience that. Summer time at the beach.

Potipot Island is just 5 minutes away from Alta Nina Resort. Our boat is a fisherman's boat. It's small but it works. We went there around 11 am. We brought a gallon of water and some chips. I asked my nannies to put the kids their life vests. It's better to be safe.

The boat ride was fun. The children were also excited since it's their first island to island boat ride.





As you can see, the boat is very, very small.

Potipot Island is just like Boracay but a very small version. You can go around the island in 30 minutes. It's just like your own private beach. The area is so big, you can have your own beach just to yourself.



We arrived at Potipot Island around 11 am and I told the banca driver to pick us up around 3pm. But before you disembark, ask first the cellphone number, just in case you have changes.

The water at Potipot is crystal clear. You can actually see the rocks and the sand. It's so beautiful. If you go west of the island, the sand is much nicer since it has less

Potipot Island Day 2 055.jpg

Potipot Island Day 2 058.jpg

corals. The wind is blowing to the east thus driving the coral stones towards it. So it's better to swim on the west side of the island.

I really had fun on this island.

When we went back to our resort at Uacon, my assistant Jazz made an impromtu fashion shoot.


Travel Diary

Preparations for the Trip

Subic Hotel Hunting

Uacon, Zambales Arrival

Discovering Potipot Island


Picture Gallery

Alta Nina Guest Rooms


Running Expenses 24,300

For Market tomorrow - 1,000

Laura's Bike - 2,410

Grocery - 400

Medicines - 950

Running Expenses - 29,060


Alta Nina Resort Rooms

Alta Nina Room 04.jpg

Alta Nina Room 05.jpg

Alta Nina Room 06.jpg

Alta Nina Room 07.jpg

Alta Nina Room 08.jpg

Alta Nina Room 01.jpg

Alta Nina Room 02.jpg

Alta Nina Room 03.jpg

Alta Nina Resort Rooms

They are basic. For me, any room will do as long as it's air conditioned and has an own CR, that's fine with me.

There are no televisions on the rooms so it's really a perfect getaway to bond with your kids.

Discovering Potipot Island here.


Travel Diary

Preparations for the Trip

Subic Hotel Hunting

Uacon, Zambales Arrival

Leaving Potipot to Subic

Camayan Beach Resort


Picture Gallery

Alta Nina Guest Rooms



Uacon, Zambales - Potipot Adventure Arrival

After paying for my room accommodations at RK Hotel. We headed off to Uacon, Zambales. Our resort there is Villa Ysmael.

It took only 2 hours from Subic to get there.

Our resort is fairly new, it is actually a family resort. Once we were at the Candelaria Town Proper we cannot find the resort. There were a lot of resorts around so I just tried my luck and entered the Trinidad Beach Resort. Once we arrived, I saw a small sign saying Alta Nina. Oh my this was the resort that I found a lot of good feedbacks on the internet. I hope they have available rooms from April 28 to May 1. 4 days and 3 nights.

I was met by Mang Daniel, the caretaker of the Alta Nina Resort. He told me that he's calling his boss to ask if there are rooms available. I fell in love with the resort the moment I set my eyes on it. It has a homey feeling and I like homey resorts.

My guardian angels were helping me today, the resort gave me 3 rooms. They do have guests scheduled that day but none has confirmed yet, so the boss gave the rooms to us. It was just perfect. The resort is just across POTIPOT ISLAND. It was picture perfect.

I told my drivers to send the stuff to the rooms and told my nannies to dress up the children. We should go to swim right away. It's already 3 pm and I don't want to waste time. The beach is perfect. The sand is gray but it was super fine. No stones, nothing. It's just like Boracay with dark grey sand.

This is a picture of the room at Alta Nina, Potipot Island

Alta Nina Room 08.jpg

Finally, my worries of not having accommodations for this trip has finally ended. I have confirmed accommodations till May 2. My problem now is May 2 to 3. But that is just minor since that's a working day. I'm sure there are available rooms in Subic at that time.

It's already 3pm and we still don't have lunch. The Alta Nina resort has kubos that is at the center of the resort. It's free of charge and they even let you use their own utensils and plates.

I asked Mang Daniel on where can we buy food. He suggested an eatery that is just 5 minutes away. Well, isn't it just perfect.

Food problem solved. Mang Daniel even offered to do the marketing and the cooking for us during our whole stay. Now that's shangrila...:-)

So off we went to the beach.

View how the rooms at Alta Nina Resort.


Travel Diary

Preparations for the Trip

Subic Hotel Hunting

Uacon, Zambales Arrival


Picture Gallery

Alta Nina Guest Rooms


Running Expenses Diary -

Running Expense Day 1 = 18,950

Lunch and Dinner April 28 - 2,200

Marketing for April 29 - 1,200 + 1,000 ( Mang Daniel lost our Marketing Money that night, I think he was too drunk)

Running Expenses - 24,300



Subic Hotel Hunting

We left Manila around 9 am and headed off to Zambales. We stopped over at Subic Bay since I still need a place to stay this May 1. I have called numerous resorts from Pangasinan to Subic and all of them are fully booked. I thought to myself, the worse thing that could happen is that we sleep in our Starex Van.

This is my predicament. I would like to spend 6 days of rest and relaxation and my main goal is to spend it on a beach. I would like to make this trip fun for my 2 toddlers.

I have confirmed 2 nights reservations at a resort at Uacon, Zambales. April 28 to 30. I still don't have a place to stay on April 30 to May 3.


We arrived in Subic around 11 am. The ride in the Starex was smooth and the aircon is freezing cold. Perfect for the weather since it was about 37.8 degree outside during that time. I knew about the temperature during the late night news. My mind was still worried since I brought my 2 toddlers.

We passed by the Casablanca Hotel and it was new and has a meditarrean architecture. I told Carlos, my driver, to proceed to Camayan Beach Resort since there might be other resorts in that area. It took about 30 minutes to get there from Casablanca Hotel. Much to my surprise, the Camayan Beach Resort is the only resort in that area. It is beside Ocean Adventure Park. I called them earlier and they told me that they are fully booked. So off we went back to Casablanca Hotel.

Once we arrived at the Casablanca Hotel, I noticed two Germans standing outside the reception area. In my mind, I thought, it must be the owners. Unfortunately, they are fully booked too at May 1, but they have available rooms on May 2. So off I went to look for other hotels in Subic. While we are on our way out (me and my assistant - Jazz), the younger german said Hello. Exciting..he he he...

My plan is to go to another hotel, then if they are fully booked, then my alternative place for May 1 will be in Pangasinan.

On our way going out of Subic, I noticed the RK Hotel. It is a Korean Hotel.

I went in and the manager was helpful enough to assist me. He told me that there are 3 Standard Rooms available on May 1. I'm so happy that I have a confirmed booking on May 1. I paid the hotel in full just to make sure that I have rooms for May 1. It seems the whole Metro Manila goes out of town every weekend during summer time.

My only worry right now is my accommodation for Friday night, April 30. I just told myself that I might get another resort in Uacon, Zambales just for 1 night.

April 29 to 30 : Have rooms already

April 30 to May 1 : ?

May 1 to May 2 : RK Hotel

May 2 to May 3 : ?

Read my Arrival at Uacon, Zambales here.


Travel Diary

Preparations for the Trip

Subic Hotel Hunting

Uacon, Zambales Arrival


Running Expenses Diary -

Pre - Departure Expenses - 8,500

Gasoline - 2,000

Mcdonalds Take Out - 600

Tolls - Paid 4 toll gates - estimate cost - 350

RK Hotel Rooms (May 1 to 2 ) - 7,500

Running Expense = 18,950


Hotel Information

Casablanca Hotel



Room Rates as of May 1, 2010

Condo 2- Bedroom - 6,500 ( 6 pax only)

Condo 1 Bedroom - 4,500 (4 pax only)

Family Room - 3,000 ( 4 pax only)

Standard Room - 1,900 (2 pax only)


Hotel Information

RK Hotel



Room Rates

Economy Room - 2,000

Standard Room - 2,500

Superior Room - 3,000

Deluxe Room - 4,000

Premier Room - 4,500

Junior Suite - 5,000

Business Room - 7,000

Family Room - 7,500


April 27, 2010

Preparing for my Trip to Potipot Island and Subic

My Summer Escapade - April 28 to May 3, 2010

Potipot Island and Subic Freeport Zone

potipot island.jpg

This picture made me go to Potipot Island

My children would like to go to the beach and one of my models suggested that I go to Potipot Island. I was quite amazed with it so I decided to go this Thursday. However, I think it was bad timing since it's a holiday this May 1 and it seemed that all the resorts I have called are fully booked. Now I'm worried.

I asked my assistant, Jazz Esteban, if he is free to join me in this trip and he said YES. He's a very good photog assistant and I told myself, this would be a great opportunity to hone his craft in landscape photography. I hope he'll be able to learn something from me.

Our destination is Potipot Island is in Candelaria, Zambales. Potipot Island is located in Uacon, Zambales. There are resorts that line the coast and the resorts below are those located just in front of the island.

The island is a mere 5 minute boat ride.

Dawal Beach Resort - this is always fully booked.

Sun Bloom - Highly recommended by other bloggers - 0916-543-9709

Alta Nina Resort - 0918-92605373

Isla Vista Resort- got to read a lot of very BAD reviews so better not go there.

All of these were fully booked. Good thing I was really determined to look for a resort since I already booked a van for the trip, and it's 6 days.

Well I chanced upon this Villa Ysmael Resort in Potipot. It's fairly new and they really don't have amenities like a canteen. But I just booked it right away, since they have an available room on Wednesday and Thursday night. I'll just deal with my accommodation on Friday. At least, I'll be able to see Potipot finally.

My mind is still wondering on where will I stay this Friday.

These are my options:

1. Go to Pundaquit and stay there until Monday. But the problem is, they are also fully booked.

2. Go to Subic and go around. At least I get to experience Subic again, Ocean Adventure and stuff in Subic. If I'm able to get a room hered then I'll probably stay here.

I'm already excited to go to the beach tomorrow.


Expenses Diary : Pre-departure Expenses

1. Bought all the medicines for the trip. I'll be bring my 2 toddlers. Cost : 1,500

2. Had grocery, bought water, chips and stuff. There are no T.V on Villa Ysmael in Potipot Island, so I need my food..he he he... Cost : 6,000

3. Load : 1,000. I loaded my globe phone with 1,000 load. I will be doing a lot of calling while on the road. I still need to book my accommodation for Friday.

It's already 8,500..this is my running total cost.

Read my Subic Hotel Hunting here.


Travel Diary

Travel Diary

Preparations for the Trip

Subic Hotel Hunting

Uacon, Zambales Arrival


Aileen Pacete & Angelica Signo Set 2

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 33.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 35.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 25.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 26.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 29.jpg

Cotton Striped Dress, Only 450. Yellow chiffon blouse, only 450. FABE clothing store is located at the Cash and Carry Mall in Makati.


Aileen Pacete and Angelica Signo in FABE Dresses

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 18.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 20.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 22.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 23.jpg

Aileen Pacete Angelica Signo Set 2 24.jpg

Angelica Signo and Aileen Pacete are young beautiful models in Manila. They just fit the image of a FABE shopper. Young, gorgeous and smart ladies.


April 22, 2010


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