December 28, 2009

Alexis Andaya



Alexis Andaya is still in college. She has a beautiful face and a strong personality.

FABE Valentines 2010 Womenswear



Running a clothing line is just like any other business. It takes too much of your time, it's hard, really, really hard.

It's a good thing that I have my photography that de-stresses me.

Sex and the City will be my inspiration for my Valentines collection. I'm not a designer but more of a marketing person. Selling your clothes is the most challenging part in fashion. You have to assess carefully what market you want to serve and if it can support your expenses too.

You can design the most beautiful dress but if nobody buys it then that's that...a failure. Coming from a marketing background, a sale is no sale unless money was exchanged. Our sales were low for the whole year of 2009. I was trying to figure out why and finally this December, we finally did. We have the wrong sales people.  Running a fashion business deals with the whole process not just from the designs but up to your sales ladies. At least now, we are now hands on with the selling.

I will also focus more on creating clothes that will make my customers want it. It's a process of trial and error. This is the beauty of creating things. You create something and someone whom you totally don't know, will buy it from you.

A fulfilling and a validating experience indeed.

Watch out for my my Valentine's Day dresses soon. My newly finished accessories are already on display on my store at Cash and Carrry Mall. Most of them are priced at only 100 pesos.


A Beautiful Boy



I became a parent in 2006 and I think it is the best thing that happened to me aside from the money and comforts in life.

This video captures the happiness that a parent gets from their kids.

Just like my daughter, she loves jumping.

Children really changes your life completely.

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