December 26, 2009

Yasmine Baker

Name:  Yasmine Baker

School / Company : ABE International Business of College

Email Add:

Age :    22

Multiply Account :

Friendster :

Facebook :

Height :  5'5

Weight : 36kg

Vital Stats-Chest-Waist-Hips : 32 – 22 – 34

Hair :  Black (curly)

Eyes : black

Shoe Size : 5


Who is Jasmine?


     I'm a ramp model, I did workshop from fashion sense. I like to be a model because, I want to learn more about modeling and my inspiration is tyra banks J ; not all have black color can be discriminate by others" (that's what tyra point of viewJ). I know I have a skills and talent to be apply in modeling – on what I've learned in modelling. The client should choose me because I have those potential and I'm deserving J (ECHOZ ! CHARINGJ )


Alexis Andaya for FABE Clothing

Alexis Andaya wears a lips tube top by FABE Clothing.
Shoot Date : February 12, 2009

1 Day Till Christmas

My Christmas 2009 Teasers.

Model : Rapa Galvez

Goodbye Britanny Murphy

I was quite devastated when I read that one of my favorite Hollywood actress had died. She was on my mind for the past 2 days and I think I need to pay tribute to her so I can remember her always.

I became a fan of her when I watched Clueless way, way back. I particularly liked about the byline "Rollin with the Homies". I was still young then and just like her character in the movie, It was so me.

Here she is in Clueless.

She also appeared with Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder in Girl Interrupted.

8 Mile with Eminem. I was not able to watch this. I'm no Eminem fan.

And here she is in my favorite movie, Just Married. This time I was travelling all over the world and I kinda relate to the sights.

She also came out in the Little Black Book.

And for the very dark movie, Sin City.

Among all these movies, Clueless was my favorite. It played a great role in my life.

Dead at 32.
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