December 23, 2009

Christmas Teasers 2009

My Christmas Teasers for 2009.
Models :
Wikko Sarabia
Daisuke Kikuchi

Jhenus Martinez in Casual FABE

Jhenus Martinez wears casual clothes from FABE Clothing.

Jhenus Martinez in Bustier

Jhenus Martinez wears a custom beaded bustier. Available at our Cash and Carry Store. Only 1,500.
Nanan Villalba is my celebrity make up artist.

Christmas Blues & Tantrums

It's 2 days before Christmas 2009. It's already a decade since the new millenium. I remember before during the new year of 1999, that the world will shut down at year 2000, just because of the millenium bug. Well, it's 2010 soon and we're still ok.

I'm a fan of Alicia Keys way, way back. Watched her first Asian concert at Singapore in 2004.  Her current single, Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart captured my attention the first time I heard it. The melody is melancholic and no wonder, it's a song about breaking up. Ahh...relationships indeed.

I think today is my last day of shooting for the year. My model Erick Zonio, an auditiing guy, wants to have a portfolio and I obliged since

 1. He has modeled for me in the past.

2. He is a tall cute guy - and he's in the auditing profession.

I still have 2 confirmed photoshoots tomorrow, and I think I'll cancel it. I need to do my grocery shopping. I still don't have food for noche buena. I think I'll just have fried chicken, chocolate cake from Starbucks and spaghetti. This will make me happy already. I was kinda down lately due to lack of money and my mom just reminded me that my problems are trivial. She just told me that it's good that my problem is not the noche buena. Well, I'm thankful that I still have a mom.

I should tell myself always to count your blessings always.

Funny thing that happened to me earlier at Goldilocks, Quezon Avenue. Laura wanted to eat cake and brought her there. After 2 minutes once we sat down, this happened

This is exactly what happened. The joys of parenthood!!!
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