December 20, 2009

A Sexy Santa Claus at Megamall

Its the last Sunday before Christmas 2009. I together with my kids and Mama went to Megamall to go malling. Left around 11 am since I'm expecting heavy traffic. Indeed all my worries were true. Parking inside Megamall was already waiting and once it opened I went straight right away to the top floor since I'm sure there are still open slots, and I was right. There was 1 open slot. Not too choosy anymore with my parking slot as long as I'm able to park right away.

The mall was beaming with holiday shoppers. Christmas is fun here in Manila. I tried it once in the US and Europe and I promised I will never spend Christmas anywhere but home. Manila is where my home is. The most interesting thing that happened to me today is that I saw a very hot bodied man wearing a skimpy santa outfit in the mall. He's wearing almost the same as the one in the video. I'm not sure if he knows me since he smiled at me...(he's wearing shades) as not to be too conscious with all the people looking at him. I worked with a lot of models so I'm not sure if he know me.. Sometimes you notice that a person knows you by the way they smile at you. Anyway, I'm sure I'll receive a message from this cutie Santa Guy soon.

I get sentimental sometimes during these times since I get to reflect all the blessing that  receive and how God has been kind to me. I finally achieved the lifestyle I wanted. No boss, just me. Waking up around 1 pm daily. Simple life.

I'm bound by these simple rules.

1. Live below your means.

2. Be kind to anybody.

3. If you don't have nice to say to others, SHUT UP.

4. Don't complain. Be Thankful

5. Hardwork is the name of the game. If you want it, then you have to work hard for it.

I will also be very active in my FABE clothing line. Before it was Tony, my brother, who was in charge of designing. He's not really good at aesthetics so I need to step in. Things that were selling at the store were the merchandise that I made. I think I have the ability to know what things sells.

I know have to divide my time with my photography, children and designing. Laura is entering Poveda next year or at the French International School. So it's going to be very challenging. I'm a hands on Dad...this is the life that I worked hard children comes first over anything. The first five years is the best time to spend time with them. I salute all the OFW's who sacrificed leaving their children behind just to earn. I'm blessed that my children are with me. For me, Money is just money. Memories are priceless.

I just recently made a new line of underwear for men. I'm basically a menswear designer. Designing for women is tough for me since I love to wear what I design. I think for 2010. My concentration will be more on men and about 40% will be for women.

My first prototype of underwear were ok. The models loved it and even wished if they can take it home. I also do the photoshoots for my clothes. And this proves to be cost efficient indeed.

I design clothes that I will wear. This year we made clothes based on what others do and this proved to be very costly. Why, it never sells.

Things that sold on our stores were the clothes that we actually designed and based on our original concepts. So this will be the focus for next year.

I love wearing beautiful sleepwear. This red outfit on the left is one of them. Its made of silk satin and it very comfortable to wear.

Big round sleeves and neckline allows you to sleep comfortably. Plus the fabric is dry fit then even during warm days, you don't get sweaty.

Another print that I like is this brown animal print (seen on the right). I already have the shirt for this. Stay tuned on my new designs using this fabric soon.

My new swimwear for women will be done hopefully next week and I'm eager to set up the photoshoot so I can sell it on my store at Cash and Carry mall.

Watch out for it soon.

Sexy Kisses Marc Catubay

Marc Catubay is a professional model who have done several print ads already. He's a friend of a FABE model. That's usually how I get models... a lot of my models on my portfolio are actually referrals. They just come to me and I'm happy to do a porfolio for them.

Marc wears a black printed swimwear. My new theme for my store next year is to create clothes that is really me. I just design things that I will definitely wear.

Lucky Conde Set 2

Lucky Conde wearing a grey FABE dry-fit T-shirt and printed brown dry fit shorts.

Lucky Conde Hot

Lucky Conde's favorite celebrities are Hugh Jackman, Jason Statham, Chase Crawford and Channing Tatum.

Franz Akeem Aldover in a black and white knitted shirt

Franz Akeem is a promising model. He wears a black and white knitted shirt.

Isshi Cabebe

Isshi Cabebe models the FABE Headbands. Only 350.

Anne Sarabia

Anne Sarabia wears FABE Accessories.

Kimberly Empestan in FABE Necklace

Kimberly Empestan wears a FABE necklace. Only 750.

Available at the 3rd floor, Cash and Carry Mall, near the lotto outlet.
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