December 19, 2009

Lucky Conde

Lucky Conde's favorite clothing brand is Molecules, F & H and Top Man. Hopefully, he'll include FABE too soon.

We are our own customers - Caten Twins

My Daily Diary

We are our own customers. This struck a cord with me. The Caten twins of the famous DSquared brand said this statement. I do wear my clothing all the time. When I started FABE clothing, I never wore any shirt brand. Although before that, I love Lacoste and Ralph Lauren. I was so in love with their shirts that I even fly to Hong Kong every quarter just to buy the shirts. Lacoste is not well known in Hong Kong but Ralph Lauren or the Polo brand is. Before the price of the shirt was about 450 and the last time I was there, it was already running from 800 to 900 HKD per shirt. Anyway, back to the Caten twins, I really enjoy reading articles that somehow boost me to really work hard to make my business work.

Right now, I'm blessed to do what I want without worrying on how to pay my bills, (but I still do honestly). The Caten twins are born fashion lovers. Being part of a family of 9 and living in the wild wild country of Canada, who would think that these 2 identical twins will hit it big. They started in 1994 and me, July of last year.

I'm always swamped with photoshoot requests. I think they know that I do give free photoshoots. Why do I do this? People have been very kind to me ever since back in college. My friends like to treat me especially my best friend Jonard Chua who always feed me by ordering 2 viands everytime we eat at Wendy's. I think that's the reason why I became obese....he introduced me to the joys of eating. Giving a young person a break also gives me happiness. They say that the pictures I take land them jobs. And good for them.

I was reading about histograms and I still find it hard to understand. I'm don't consider myself a good photographer since I'm still looking for the next best shot. I always aim to provide a less digitally altered photos since a real photo is still the best way, just like national geographic. Read more about histograms here. The model I shot today is Roberto Martin. Actually I met him during a models party last night. He was her high school classmate in Pangasinan.

I'm trying to make a new version our sando and I also made a matching pair of underwear. I love wearing comfortable sleeping clothes and I'd like to offer this to our customers. In the fashion world, you have to be customer centric.

Watch our for his photos here soon.

Are you having acne in your back? I just read a tip from Kinny Salas, there's a Godiva Beauty clinic along Jupiter Street in Makati, they give you a body scrub to let the pores out and they inject it with cortisone and it will flatten your acne overnight.

And lastly, I was glad that Ampatuans are being brought to trial already. I'm too sad that the Fortun brothers are really corrupt.
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