December 13, 2009

Young and Beautiful Raphael



Inspired from his past experiences in joining in different pageants, Raphael is just 17 and starting to introduce himself in the modeling world. Raphael is a full time first-year student of Mechanical Engineering and part-time model. This young man detailed that he was just spotted by his current agent and together with his very supportive family; he can also do some commercials.

Aside from all the blessings that pour on him, Raphael is willing to undergo modeling programs to enhance his skills. Recently, Raphael is engaged in the acting workshop offered by one of the biggest networks in the Philippines.

Much more to that, Raphael is an active competitor in swimming that is why he feels confident in wearing sportswear. The young man admitted that he is more into the ramp modeling and with his height, he can soar up high. As a neophyte, Raphael realized his own weakness and that is the consciousness about his appearance in every photo shoot and baring too much skin. In contrast, many had told Raphael that his asset is his face. From the past experiences, Raphael gained his own brand of self-confidence.

Swimming and studying are the things that he considered doing if he is not a model. (Swimming and studying… at the same time?, isn’t that hard to do? Opening your notes underwater – what a talent!) So far, modeling for Raphael is another kind of future for him and if there’ll be a chance, he is willing to pursue his modeling career.

Raphael dreams to have an opportunity to be with Taylor Swift in a photo shoot maybe because; Raphael was mesmerized with Taylor’s candy eyes. At his young age, Raphael already understands that success is a mixture of perseverance and learning from the past experiences. Above all, Raphael doesn’t consider his chosen career as regret.

Coat of Arms Necklace



Rachelle Quang models FABE accessories. The necklace is only 650 while the earrings is only 150.

FABE Clothing store is located at the 3rd floor, Cash and Carry Mall, Makati City, near the lotto outlet.

Hair and Make up by Mhokie Bautista

On your Mark! Ready, Set… Go!!!



And yes, there you have it, 24 year old Mark Catubay and a graduating nursing student. Mark is the one who breathes the modeling passion. Born with a curiosity about the modeling, Mark never expected to belong in a circle of much awaited faces.

Mark admitted that he is more into photo shoot and together with his friends he doesn’t recognize the modeling world as an intensive work. Although this young man faces a different every day tasks, he still managed to keep his outdoor activities like swimming and basketball.

Considering that modeling opens a new opportunity, for Mark the best thing he gained out of it is the self-confidence to do things differently. One of the things that he considers as his weakness is the expression of his face. Since he is more focus in the photo shoot, Mark is also concern with the projection.

Mark plans to go in a serious modeling and if at present he is not a model, he is an entrepreneur that is more connected in advertising. With that, Mark can still view the colorful world of entertainment. From all his experiences in the past years, Mark learned to value the things around him. He detailed the most important ingredient for him as a model and that is to “know yourself”. If a person is determined to reach his goal, he should know his limitations and gain extra strength to achieve it. Beyond his good perspective on the career that he chose, Mark is still yearning to meet and even be with Maria Sharapova in a photo shoot. Mark looks at her as an icon in modeling and as an athlete. (Hmmm… his not get intimidated when he met 6’2” Sharapova…)

Rachelle Quang



Rachelle Quang models FABE Accessories. One of a piece accessories. Hand made with crystal beads.

Hair and Make Up by Mhokie Bautista




Franz Akeem Aldover or Akeem is one such beautiful man. His skin is so flawless that it beats the endorsers of facial clinics. His lips are so red that he is perfect for runway shows. He is quite tall around 5' 11".

He was late for the shoot since he came from school together with his manager. I was still finishing my women's swimwear shoot when he arrived. He caught my attention because he was so fresh looking and so pale. Just like the actor in the Vampire movie.

He is still shy on photoshoots but I like working with beginners or I prefer them actually, Amatuers are always welcome to the FABE studio.

He is a fast learner and I'm confident that he will have a lot of projects soon. He just needs a little bit of confidence boosting. My make up artist for the day Mhokie, was masterful. It's hard to make up a beautiful man because they tend to look like women.

Mhokie is very young and talented. He is also a super fast worker. I'm just blessed that I get to work with skillful people.
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